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24...back with a vengeance! (spoilers)


This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the season. I really don't know what's going to happen now, except lots of people are going to die. I'm sorry to see Gael dying, as he's turned into one of my favorite characters. Something tells me that Michelle's going to make it, but I still won't be surprised if she dies too.

That's a tough situation with the hotel and all, and watching Michelle shoot that dude showed everyone else that she meant business. I wasn't expecting Amador to die that suddenly either and I'm can't wait to see how Jack knows his boss.

I was disappointed to see Palmer confirm Sherry's story. That's something he never would have done in the previous two seasons. I wonder what's going to happen with her.

I think the rest of the season is going to kick some major ass!
While overall I have been disappointed with this season of 24 as opposed to the first two, I think this is still the coolest show on television. They just do things on this show that other TV shows wouldn't think of. Ever since 911 a virus terrorist threat has been something in the back of many people's minds. This season is showing just how ugly it can be. Watching how our government WOULD act in a situation is a little bit unnerving, but at the same time you realize that it is necessary. I think the scene with Michelle lying to the people in the hotel at first, then shooting the guy trying to get out was fantastic and very well done. Things are definately going to get ugly quickly and I cant wait to see how things end.
I was disappointed to see Palmer confirm Sherry's story. That's something he never would have done in the previous two seasons. I wonder what's going to happen with her.

After this episode, Palmer changed from being a dream president to someone I'm rooting against. Then again, bringing in Sherry in the first place was a idiotic.

The episode kicked ass.
I think bringing in Sherry was certainly a big mistake, but then again, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place due to Milliken blackmailing him. I think his biggest mistake --- and where I disagreed with him --- was allowing Milliken to blackmail him. His brother fucked up. His brother seemed to make a LOT of questionable decisions in the first place. I would have fired him on mere principal whether or not Milliken insisted on it. That would have ended the problem. Then again, once you open that door, its tough to get it closed again.

I guess when you get put in that situation, you sooner or later have to make a decision against what you believe in anyway. I agree he is no longer a "dream president" but Im not rooting against him just yet. I think overall he still has the best morals of any candidate I have ever seen. Its tough to say if his decision was good or bad. Frankly, if it got as far as it did, I would have sent Sherry up the river, been proactive with the police, and let her do her best to try to blame it on him.
Had I been Palmer, I would have swallowed my pride, asked Wayne to resign (which he was more than willing to do) under the excuse of spending time with his family. Put all attention on getting re-elected. Then bide his time and let Wayne plot a way to bring Milliken down, slowly and covertly.

There is no shame in a tactical retreat, especially in politics, and Palmer let his stupid pride get the best of him.

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