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24: 5 AM - 6 AM (Spoilers Galore)


High Treason Prevention Officer
Wow. Not bad. Not bad at all :cool:

Capelle really pisses me off. Boy did I enjoy Tony knocking him out :D He deserved it.

Stupid Kim gets company from Stupid Cop. A murder suspect is on the run. And this guy lets a perspective victim into the suspects house..alone and unarmed?? WTF??
..but I think this is the end of the adventures of Stupid Kim (TM) .. there is surely going to be a happy reunion in the last episode, but I hope (HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE) that we're not going to see much more of her.

I think we're going to see more of Pierce. When Palmer gets back into office and dumps Mike, maybe he'll hire him to replace Mike.

And..who will be in charge of CTU at the end of the day? What will Jack do - return to CTU permanently or get a job closer to Palmer?
Damn you posted this so early. It was all I could do not to click and find out what happened.

I agree with you about Kim. I can't see her doing anything stupid in the last two episodes. For once I was not annoyed with her when she shot Gary.

I like Pierce and hope we do get to see more of him. The Chappelle thing was great and I totally wasn't expecting Sherri to get shot. Looks like she's going to live though. Everything seems close to wrapping up now. It'll be interesting to see what happens to all these people in the last episode. Who'll live, who'll die? Two more eps to go. :cool:
I must admit the Kim storyline didn't irritate so much this ep ... OK, I :rolleyes: when she went for her bags like GET THE HELL OUTTA THE HOUSE! I guess they contained her industrial strength hair-drier and she CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! Actually the Spawn action was kind of a relief after those uber-charged Jack-Lady Mac-DJ Faux Cypress scenes which were damn good but I was quickly running out of cuticles.

And I really enjoyed the shooting of NoDaddyNo (does that make me sick?) almost as much as I enjoyed Lady Mac trying to manipulate Jack (Ha!) and Tony's smooth handling of La Chappelle. Yup, Tony and Michelle are officially part of the cool kids' gang -- they tranqed a superior and disobeyed right and left for the good of the country just like Jack did on the first "day". *sniff* I am so darn proud of those crazy kids. And SecretServiceGuyWithSpeakingPart -- he totally rocked and he's totally gonna get promoted.

The questions that still plague me are: (1) do those ear-thingies Secret Service guys wear cause male pattern baldness and (2) what's the significance of all the IKEA lamps?
yea i agree, like she can't live without her blowdryer??

and just exactly how does a guy take out two TRAINEED police officers..sounds like a Terminator movie.

I am finally glad to learn about sheri and how she is related to all this...I didn't know if she was a bad guy or a good guy! lol

and i hope that david kicks these guys' butts!
I totally wasn't expecting Sherri to get shot.

Forgive me if I'm wrong..but wasn't she shot :confused: ?

Sassy : You're fairly new to this show, aren't you? If you weren't you wouldn't be wondering if Sherry can be trusted. Don't trust Sherry, trust me on this one :D

I don't know how the guys that I get the episodes from get the episodes so early. I had the episode on my harddrive at lunchtime on Tuesday, local time. That is 3AM(west) / 6AM(east) on thuesday in the US :confused:
I'll let the "real" viewers open the thread next time so that nobody has to fight the painful temptation of looking :)
Dude, your posts about this show are hilarious. :LOL:

The Kim thing was good this week because they made her relative to Jack. That scene when they're on the phone and she shoots that prick was great.

The Secret Service dude is awesome. He makes me feel all patriotic. I want a movie where he and Jack Bauer team up to kick terrorist ass.
Aw, thanks, GKarsEye :) I owe my liberated snark (and the funnier nicknames) to Gustave's Television Without Pity 24 recaps.

Y'know how Xander Berkley (Mason) always plays the sleazy G-man? Well, it's the same with the guy who plays SecretServiceAgentWithSpeakingPart -- it's like he's always playing the self-sacrificing security guy of few words. He's got this dutiful Praetorian vide about him like Quintus at the end of "Gladiator".

And, yeah, Kim is always better when they remember that her main role is to be Jack's Little Girl, but oye vay Jack, bringing Kate and Kim together ... isn't that like sending up a COME KIDNAP US flare?
That would be cool, but it's just vague rumour. I'm not taking it as anything more than that.

The only commercial I've seen Keifer voice is for hockey. But I don't watch commercials (thank God for ReplayTV).
Two I remember in particular were for Miller Genuine Draft and MCI. I think there was at least one more. At least there weren't any "Phone Booth" ads.
Sherri Palmer wasnt shot, she was stabbed. I thought it looked kinda obvious. :( Remember the hacker dude didnt pick up the gun until he was in those hallways.