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24: 3:00-4:00am (SPOILERS)


What an intense episode! Jack survived! I didn't see that one coming. His escape was pretty damned nice. I was glad to see Aaron Pierce back; I'd wondered what had happened to him after last season. I liked Mike's slick cover-up when Lynne tried to point him out to Palmer. Jack's entrance to save Kate was actually kind of cool. Poor Yusef, I'd hoped he wouldn't die. I'm looking forward to seeing how the whole meeting/vote thing will go. The previews for next week looked great too.

Anyone else notice the amount of actors in this series that have appeared on Star Trek at some point? I'm going to show my nerdiness here and try and name some:

Lynne Kresge-Ensign Ro
Sherry Palmer-Kassidy Yates
Aaron Pierce-Burke on TNG ep-Peak Perfomance
The doctor that took Lynne out-Lt. Carey on Voyager & tactical guy in TNG ep.Justice
Mike Novick-Commander Suran in Nemesis
Wallace-Galatin in Insurrection
Rayburn-Lt. Cmdr. Hobson in TNG ep.RedemptionII
Stanton-Marittza in DS9 ep.Duets
Anna, the chick who picked up Kim-Dr. Brahms in TNG

I'm sure there are more but I'd better stop now before I shoot myself. :rolleyes:
Another great Spawn-free episode :cool: More naked!Kiefer :D Kate actually does good -- well her heart was in the right place, anyway. First FarsiBoy and now Yusuf :eek: Why must all the hot guys with wicked cool accents die on this show?

The way Tony handled MachiaCarrie was pretty darn smooooth. Glad to see he's recovering nicely from his momentary lapse of intelligence.

And speaking of actors from other shows, I might have know that Control from Section One was behind everything :eek: I say we forget all this "24" stuff and rename it "L'homme: Jacque" :LOL:
How does someone get resusitated after being tortured, jump up, kill the badguys, rescue Kate, and recover the disc? It does rather strain credibility (even for a show that regularly does that). After dying and being brought back, he should be out of it for some time, or at least not capable for such energetic behavior.

Question - How would you vote concerning Palmer if all the facts that you had were the ones presented to the cabinet? I have to admit, it doesn't look good for him.
Ok, so now ex-President Palmer is in deep shit, while the White House baddies go kill some unnamed Arabs.

And Kim was only in it for like a second. Sweet.

The show is totally picking up and I know it will have a strong ending.

Next week, Jack faces off against Lady McPalmer.
That's Almost-Ex-President Palmer to you. And that's not gonna last because his long-lost brother Jack is totally going to save his office in less than THREE HOURS. After which Mr. President is going to "restructure" his staff and cabinet with extreme prejudice :devil: Buh-bye, Mike.

Heh, let's see how Lady Mac holds up against the man whose response to "Out, damn spot!" would be "I'm gonna need a hacksaw." :D
Great hour. I thought that Sherry was going to show up to testify for one of the sides. Nice to see I was wrong.

I just have one problem: Kim's going back to the house to get her stuff.

Like we really can't see what's coming.
I just have one problem: Kim's going back to the house to get her stuff.

Like we really can't see what's coming.

The second they said they were going back to the house I knew what was coming next.

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