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24 (2/18) [SPOILERS]


What'd you think?

I had a feeling that the bomb they recovered was a decoy. I wonder who has it now, Marie or the missing commando guy perhaps?

Anyone else think that the Kevin Dillon bomb shelter thing was a little corny? Kim had a little nip going, the best thing she's been good for since last season.

I wasn't expecting Palmer to hear Sherri's name about any involvement for a while. I really want to know exactly what's up with her. She's up to something, but what it is I really can't figure out.

The season (or day rather) is now halfway over. The previews for next week looked pretty good.

When I saw the episode, I decided that would be my first comment. Yes, I think we all know why Kim is in season 2. To show us her NIP!

Yep, thought the bomb shelter thing was REAL corny, but its part of the Kim sub-"plot" so its ok. I figured the bomb was in that yellow truck. Once they saw everyone storming in, and Marie saw them, I figured that was their backup plan. I dont think the missing commando has it, rather Marie in that yellow truck (although from the previews it looks like she may not).

I dont know whats up with the missing commando and whats going on there. That was an odd turn of events to be sure. Maybe he is a nut job and took it himself, who knows. But it REALLY looks like Marie and company were in "control" of things, so maybe that guy is on their payroll or something.

And in closing...


That caught me completely by surprise. I couldn't stop thinking about that for the rest of the episode.
Boys, please

The good stuff: Jack vs. plane -- hooYAH! Mason -- memento mori, but better than ever. Lynn and Sherry -- meeeeeOW!

As for Kim -- I liked it better when she was tethered.
Good episode, although it didn't surprise me that the bomb was a decoy. I liked the little plot twist regarding the missing 7th member of that special forces group. I'm really interested to see Sherry's reaction to that little tidbit of news. Did she know that the bomb was intentionally allowed into the country? Did she feel comfortable knowing that the bomb was being followed by a group of commandos? I haven't figured out her level of involvement in all of this.

The bomb shelter thing was dumb. No idea where that plot thread is going. Maybe they can arm themselves and go charging into L.A. and save her Dad!
Catch the encore presentations. I think there is one Friday, one Monday, and one Tuesday. On either Fox or FX. Can't let her NIP pass you by!
Hard nipples...

Yes, I'm actually finding myself amazed that Kim has lived long enough to grow such wonderful tits. Her complete inability to make sane judgments and speak truthfully should have had her run over crossing traffic before becoming a teenager. And you'd think someone who'd been held hostage so many times would have learned a few tips on how to avoid it.

Now, let me get her reasoning straight. On the run from the law (even though she is not guilty of the murder she is charged, she is guilty of likely murdering a police officer and her boyfriend - and she is technically guilty of the kidnapping she was charged with), she immediately befriends a guy who lives unibomber-style in the "wilderness" of southern California. And I think we can safely assume that he set the trap that she was caught in.

Despite the fact he lives alone and avoids human contact, she makes sure that she puts on a see-through skin-tight tank top after her shower and hurries out to talk with him while her nips are still ready.

After he professes his sociapathic philosphies over home-killed stew, she goes on a tour of his underground facility, complete with an arsenal of wide assortment. Even though she freaks out, she stays with him.

And then all the radio stations go "dead". If they're as far away from LA as we are supposed to believe, radio stations should be clearly heard from Las Vegas or San Diego depending where they are. Not to mention that the EM pulse would have knocked out the radio as well (and the lights). But apparently, even being raised by a man who kills terrorists like we swat flies, she insipidly locks herself in a fallout shelter with a guy she's known less than two hours.

I'm sorry, but Kim is truly a dipshit. If she's not dead by the end of the day, I don't think I'll be able to watch next year.

As for the real plot...

I was surprised that Ro didn't end up dead after her meeting with Sherry. She's still getting some good lines, and maybe she'll get some better ones when the president starts listening to her again.

I don't think anyone was surprised when the "bomb" on the plane wasn't the bomb. Duh, it was in the truck. And is it me, but doesn't Marie look like she's on drugs or something? The whole terrorist plotline is getting more and more like Operation: Mindcrime.

I also think Mason will be dead soon. Someone's gonna walk into his office and he'll be toast.
See, that doesn't help me. I'm going to be in Portland, OR getting sh*t-faced drunk with a bunch of college friends. There will be no time for TV. Oh well. Life goes on.
After he professes his sociapathic philosphies over home-killed stew, she goes on a tour of his underground facility, complete with an arsenal of wide assortment. Even though she freaks out, she stays with him.
"Home-killed stew"


One of the better quotes to fit a topic that I have read on this board in a while!

And yes, Kim is a dipshit. I love how after merely 30min after she met him she says what a "good friend" he is. JESUS CHRIST! After being kidnapped TWICE in the same day a few months ago you think you wouldnt be so quick to trust!

Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Her only value now is comic relief and NIP!
Yep, there is no doubt left about why Kim still is on this show.
Yes she is hot - but I don't watch 24 to satisfy my need of smut.

Overall, a great episode. The twist with the 7th man was brilliant. But - didn't jack gun down some of the guys at the crash site earlier on?

Also, the whole reasoning behind Stanton's actions is done excellently and believably IMHO.

This one really had me biting my fingernails. I can't wait for next week

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