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As always Joe, even though you don't work in TV, your insights in to the business end of TV are very insightfull.

But, the question still is why do you thing SciFi wants a pilot? Black Scorprion didn't have a pilot (not counting the R. Corman Showtime movies). Jules Verne didn't have a pilot. Okay bad examples they were both cancelled.

But, they have made some committment to "The Chronicle" (don't know if its 13 eps or 22), but I don't recall a piolt for that either. And I don't think Farscape had one either--at least not in the 2 hour TV movie style pilot with a show following 6 month later.

(Pilots seem to come in two forms best I can tell. A standard length (1/2 hour or hour depending on the show) "pro forma" type show (most typically sit coms I think) or a TV movie type.)

We know the Sci Fi has had a long interested in the B5 property (bidding along with TNT for Season 5). So while do they feel they need this one in a pilot form first? Is this one more expensive of a committment? Are they (or JMS) perhaps looking for longer than a one year committment which is not unheard of these days (think First Wave)?


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