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10-year anniversary


Beyond the rim
On another forum someone just remarked that February 22 is the 10-year anniversary of the showing of The Gathering.

I watched it that Saturday night and wasn't very impressed! Ten years later I now have it on DVD and watch it with pleasure.
It took me most of the first year to be really hooked.
Time really does fly, doesn't it? I didn't see The Gathering when it first aired but do remember some of the hype. At the time the only sci-fi I was interested in was Star Wars. Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years.
Yes, now the only interesting sci-fi is: nothing.

Well, many may disagree. But on tv and to a great extent on film too, I'd say so.

Fantasy and Science Fiction are not the same in my mind. Even LOTR is fantasy to me (Lord of the Rings, the books). Buffy definitely is fantasy.

I heard for awhile that Asimov's Foundation might be made into a movie. IIRC it shifts very quickly from one character to another. I wonder how well that would translate to film.

I'd love to see Clarke's 3001 on film. It was a fascinating book. Especially how he finally decided to end the series (2001, etc). And they'd have some great FX shots with all of the technology Clarke describes in 3001, for those who like the FX.
well before they could do 3001 they'd have to do 2078(? i think that's the title). Haven't read them in a while so i have no idea if that one has any bearing on 3001. Wow 10 years. Amazing. For me it's only 6 and a half. Happy B-day Babylon 5.
Isn't it 2001, 2010, 2061, then 3001?

I wasn't very impressed with 3001. It seemed like a fairly week way to end it all... and bringing Frank Poole back to life was kind of hokey, IMHO. ;-)

10 years for Bab is awesome. I'm going to have to have a viewing party tomorrow!