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´Budget ??


´Budget ??

Does anybody knows how much is the budget for B5LR, at least a guess, considering that Jeremiah has a higher budget than Legend of the Rangers, and when t will be released it will be worldwide by MGM like Jeremiah, because when Crusade and B5 reached Brazil(My country), the Warner Channel was the network that showed the episodes...

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Re: ´Budget ??

Don't know but at a guess 10-30 mill..

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Re: ´Budget ??

Most likely around 3 million, as it's a TV movie. The series episodes would be around a million, knowing the crew... a bit under a million.

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Re: ´Budget ??

So far Legend of the Rangers is only a TV movie. No decision has been made about going ahead with a TV series. Rumor put the budget for the movie at about $3.8 million (USD.) That's typical for a TV movie. Allowing for inflation in the interim and the exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollars that probably works out to slightly more than Netter and Straczynski had to spend on A Call to Arms.

Sci-Fi and Warner Bros. probably won't agree on a final per-show licesening fee (which is what the studio bases the budget on) until they make the final deal. But somewhere around $1 million USD per episode is a good guess, based on what Crusade and B5 cost.

Warner Bros. will handle the distribution for the movie and the series. MGM has nothing to do with Rangers, they are only producing Jeremiah. (Although I seem to recall JMS saying something about Paramount providing some of the deficit financing, back when Jeremiah was still "That Which Cannot Be Named." So it is possible that Paramount will get some or all of the overseas distribution business for the show, as is commonly done with feature film co-financing deals. What this means in the Brazilian market, you would know better than I would.



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