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Problem with Season 5 Region 4 Discs


Beyond the rim
As Ranger Marcus would say: Bastards!!!!!

Has anyone else had a problem with their B5 Season 5 discs? Specifically Disc 5, Episode: The Fall of Centauri Prime.

The problem? The episode starts 3 minutes in, at the title credits! It misses the "Previously on Babylon 5" recap, and the introduction of the Drakh!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Has anyone else in Australia, New Zealand or South America had this problem? I gather it hasn't happened on the Regions 1 or 2 discs?

Let me know!
I know nothing about series 5 as I'm waiting for the Region 2 release of it on Monday. Hopefully it will keep up the tradition of keeping every DVD set different from the other. I dunno if I mean that. But thats really crap if they can't even get the content right now.
I'm hoping (but not holding my breath) that it is a problem with my disc only. I am taking it back to the shop I purchased it from today, and getting a replacement set. But the disc is fine - I had a peek at the mpeg/vbo files on my PC, and it runs straight from the end of 'Movements of fire and shadow' straight to the title credit roll on 'Fall...'.

Given that Australia has the PAL version (and it usually copies the Region 2 release), I am hoping that this is not going to be a major problem for people in the UK.

Just how the hell do you miss out on 3 minutes of an episode??? Surely you would transfer the episode straight from the master tapes?

I'll let you know what my replacement disc does.

Bah!!! :mad:
IT'S CONFIRMED! I have just been to the shop, and they've just tried the 5 discs they had in stock. They all had 'Fall Of Centauri Prime' beginning with the opening credits, with Kosh intoning 'And so it begins'...

I'm about to get onto Warner Home Video, and draw their attention to this. I am not happy!
I've watched that episode a couple of times and haven't had any problems with it. It plays fine from beginning to end. I haven't read of anyone else having similar problems. I hope you get the problem straightened out.
Oops, just realized you had Region 4 in the title. I'm in America, whatever region discs those usually are.
I have just spoken to Warner Home Video (Australasia)...

You wouldn't believe it - apparently, the master they used for the Region 4 DVD had three minutes missing from the beginning of 'Fall...'.


And to make it worse, the drone I spoke to couldn't even tell me if Warner Home Video would ever rectify the fault and reissue the box set correctly in the future! (And given the number of box sets involved, I wouldn't be suprised if they just left it as is)!!!

This has not been a good day!!! :mad:
Damn, that really sucks. :( I really hope Warner Brothers will correct that and give everyone another set, or at least a replacement disc, although who knows how long that would take them.

Are you unable to view other region discs in you DVD player? I really don't know how that stuff works.
From what I've heard the same problem can be found in R2. Have not bought the set myself yet, they will be released here monday, but they have been available in Germany for a few weeks now.

Getting a re-release would be best, but rather expensive I suppose. They least they can do is post the intro as a download on their webpage. Might even serve as a nice bit of promotion for those that do not know B5.
I truly despair with how dire these releases are. Truly exceptionally and unbelievably dire. What are these guys paid for when they can get away with making these things and giving away a faulty product for the last 2 years in R2.
I'm afraid not. I just checked the episode on my R2 DVDs which turned up this morning and Fall of Centauri Prime starts with the titles. :mad:

Time to start petioning Warner for a replacement disc?
Well, the news about Region 2 has killed my hopes of getting it from there (usually when I get other region DVDs, I try to get Region 2, for the PAL compatability).

If Amazon.co.uk are releasing a 'fixed' version, I'll probably look to replace mine with that one. Otherwise, we'll just have to petition Warner - and I think given the population size for Region 2, you might have a better shot at getting replacements than we poor Region 4 suckers.

Lucky I still have my VHS copy...

To use a distintly Aussie phrase: "What a bunch of drongos!" :mad:
That just sucks amazingly...

Were these DVD's put together by work experience kids???

Yet another example of a big studio not giving two figs about the international market...
That just sucks amazingly...

Were these DVD's put together by work experience kids???

Yet another example of a big studio not giving two figs about the international market...

I can't lay my hands on the specific thread at the moment, but I am fairly sure that there was a recent discussion on the fact that this problem was also present on the R1 set.

So to be fair to WHV, they obviously just don't give two figs about anyone.

I'm sure the one I got is the same as the one Amazon will have - it just turned up a few days early. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news. From what I know it's quite expensive to produce a new DVD master (which they would have to do to correct the fault) so it's probably going to take a lot of complaints in order to get them to issue a replacement disc - presumably that's what happened with the issue with "A Sky Full of Stars".

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