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Probably a Silly Question About "Twilight" Vampires.


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How can they go out during the daytime without bursting into flames? Granted, I'm not into "Twilight" at all, but I just saw a trailer and wondered.

Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee (Hammer Films), The Dresden Files (Red Court, White Court, Black Court and Jade Court) and True Blood are more MY speed.
I've never read Twilight, but from what I've gathered, this is about right: what Wikipedia says about Twilight vampires:

  • Vampires in the Twilight universe are hard to destroy, as they are not harmed or deterred in any way by sunlight, holy water, running water, garlic, stakes, crosses, or human weapons.
  • Their bodies and skin are made of a material that is as hard as diamond (if not harder); to humans it is impenetrable.
  • They are much stronger than most other vampires in fiction. Some are strong enough to stop a cement truck on a freeway with one hand.
  • They sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight.
  • They are reflected by mirrors and show up in photographs.
  • They have no need for coffins, as they do not sleep.
  • They are not shapeshifters.
  • They do not have two fangs, as all of their teeth are unbreakable, and incredibly sharp and strong - strong enough to easily chew through steel, or their diamond hard skin.
  • A vampire society has developed, with a conduct code that provides them with a greater chance of survival than if they were alone.

So basically the only reason why they generally avoid going out in the sun is that they sparkle prettily and that would attract unwanted attention.
Because since the whole story is a giant Mary Sue fanwank, vampires can't have vulnerabilities like other vamp stories do. They're all so perfect and pretty, at least by the author's standards.
I watched the first movie... apperantly they sparkle (like diamonds) under direct sunlight. For some reason I didn't watch any of the other movies.
So "Twilight" vampires aren't vulnerable to anybody but each other? NO human weapons? Not "Twilight" werewolves?

Sounds like it'd make for an awfully boring story, sort of a silly, teen, soap opera.