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Movies 2013


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There are several in that list I'm actually considering going to the cinema for - Warm Bodies (if we get it here; not sure we will), Iron Man 3, Sea of Monsters, Catching Fire, possibly even Thor 2.

The Hobbit too, maybe, depending on if I like the first one enough (I'm in that very very small group of people in the world who didn't care too much for the LOTR films).
Some upcoming movies to look 4ward to in 2013...

Feb 14 A Good Day to Die Hard

At first, made me picture Worf (from TNG) playing Bruce Willis' role. ;)

Pfft! Bah, humbug! :p

Super fast zombies? 28 Days Later zombies on speed?

I'd like to see these, and a lot of the others look promising, as well.
I was watching the Walking Dead the other night and the trailer for Warm Bodies came on during the commercial... it looks awesome but if it's not it should at least be funny. Not sure if you'll get it over there, Kribu, since it doesn't look like an epic Hollywood movie release. You never know though. The rest on that list should be out over there though. They're all huge releases.

I got pumped about Oblivion thinking it was like an Elder Scrolls thing, but nope... it still has the potential to be an interesting movie I guess though.

I'm looking 4ward to Iron Man 3 the most... the trailer looks pretty good.

Star Trek... since there’s no Trek on tv at the moment I look forward to it. When the last one came out I didn't like the idea of them creating an alternate Trek universe, I thought it was a stupid idea... then I watched the movie & loved it. I thought it was very well done.

I don't get as excited about the Fast & Furious movies as some people do. I'll watch 'em, yeah... but I don't get all that into the car stuff.

Hangover III should be EPIC... no wedding this time. I guess the wolf pack is just goin' out & hittin' the town.

After Earth... looks interesting. I'll check it out probably but I'm at least waiting on the trailer.

Man of Steel... new Super Man movie. Looks good.

World War Z. I went to see Red Dawn the other week (& I did not enjoy the ending to that movie) & they played the trailer for this before the movie. I was like, "what the hell are they fighting?" I guess they're zombies. Brad Pitt hasn't been in anything major for a little bit and now all of a sudden he has movies comin' out left & right.

Kick Ass 2 might be ok... I'm still kinda on the fence about the first one. I liked it, but I think it coulda been done better or at least different. I guess I just didn't like how Kick-Ass was kind of a chump. Great ending to the movie though so we'll see if he's learned to fight since then. Hit Girl was awesome though.

The Lone Ranger... I love westerns so this looks epic to me. Plus, Johnny Depp as Tanto. This movie can not fail to me. I don't care what critics decide to say about it... I shall be watching this movie, & then buying it.

Pacific Rim looks interesting... as does Elysium, & I like the name. If we ever colonize space someday (if it's possible) I think Elysium would be a great name for a planet. I'd move there... even if I had to live in cryo to get there. :p

Surprised nobody has mentioned Ender's Game... not sure if they'll basically just make the book into a movie or if they've tweaked the story a bit. Either way I wanna watch it.

Thor... meh, I'll watch it. I didn't like the first Thor movie. Maybe this one will be better, maybe it won't, but I gotta watch it because all of the Avengers movies kinda tie into each other.
I read Warm Bodies (the book, that is) and loved it a lot - and the trailer looked like it's going to be fairly true to the book, too. But yeah, it's the one least likely to make it over here as it's neither a big franchise nor based on an exceedingly well known book.

One never knows, though. We get all sorts of random things sometimes. Just something I need to keep my eyes open for, I guess.

After watching all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies back to back recently, Iron Man 3 is one I'm really looking forward to. I wasn't nearly as keen on Thor, but it wasn't completely unwatchable, so... will likely see it for the same reason as you, i.e. that they all sort of tie into one another.