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Lucas Approves Indy IV script

I don't care as long as he is involved somewhat. I think the plans for the script that was done a couple years ago called for an older Indy (in his 50s) with an younger assistant/helper/sidekick. That would seem to fit OK.

Mind you, we have all read this news before. There was an Indy IV script done a few years ago that got scrapped. I just hope with Ford and Speilberg involved, they will keep Lucas at bay and the film will remain good. I dont give a rats ass about Lucas approving a script, its the other 2 I want to really pay attention to it.
But, I believe the ones that have been shelved, is because Lucas hadn't gotten on board with them, so, he seems to be the one holding things up, although I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time.
I believe that is the case with one of them at least. Ford and Speilberg approved one, and Lucas didn't like it.

I guess this one is starting at the other end of things.

Again, I don't care if Lucas approves it, its not exactly a vote of confidence. But since he is a necessary step, I'm glad he is going first, and letting others review it afterward. Hopefully those other 2 can keep this from becoming a trainwreck.
LOL, too true.

According to this story, Speilberg has already blessed, the concern they point out for Speilberg is his already booked 2006 workload.
Harrison Ford has been stated as saying he'd LOVE to do another Indy movie, but that things just have to fall into place. If they were smart, they'd have a 3-generation Jones movie: Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and Indy's son (x_name / actor.) God only knows he's seduced enough ladies along the way. I'd personally prefer the son of Karen Allen's character as they seemed to have the most history / best chemistry. The son could easily be in his mid-20's so the movie could avoid the annoying "my kid who is 12 is coming" crap.

Indy can't be part of all the action, but a possible son could. I mean, give the guy a break, he needs to carry on those awesome genes!
Sure, Lucas and Spielberg have approved. But the most important approval is Ford's. Unless it signs off, it won't happen -- even Lucas isn't crazy enough to recast Indy.
I'd personally prefer the son of Karen Allen's character as they seemed to have the most history / best chemistry.

Not too long ago I was reading something about Indy IV and Spielberg mentioned that Kate Capshaw may reprise her role as Willie Scott. It does make some sense as she's married to Spielberg.

It's too bad Denholm Elliott has passed away as I liked the Marcus Brody character.
Oh man, Brody was awesome! And Kate Capshaw would be fun! I think Ford will like it, especially if Spielberg and Lucas gave it the OK. From what he said on "Inside the Actor's Studio," he's very eager to step inside Indy's shoes again. I hope it all pans out.
It's too bad Denholm Elliott has passed away as I liked the Marcus Brody character.

Agreed. However if the Indy IV movie was going to be set when Indy was in his 50-60s or so, to go along with Harrison's age (heh) then its not beyond the realm of Marcus Brody passing away, as he was quite a bit older than Indy was back in the first 3 movies, which were probably in his 30s...
Spielberg's schedule is but isn't a problem. He has the power to alter it at any time. He has done so many times in the past to make something he really wanted to make, the most recent time being his totally shifting his schedule to fast track WotW.

I have hopes for this film. The main one being that it's good, unlike the SW prequels. With SS directing and HF starring, my hopes will remain high.

I think as long as you have Lucas producing, Spielberg directing, and the cantankerous Ford starring, we'll get a good balanced product. There's a real balance of power when the three of them get together that prevents any of them from succumbing to their own excesses.

Ford is 62 now (and Connery is 74).
I wonder, at that age, will Indy have the eyepatch?
He is refering to the Young Indiana Jone Chronicles. In a couple of episodes, we see an older much Indiana in the present day telling the story through falshbacks. He has an eyepatch.
Harrison Ford even appeared on an episode, however, it was only as a seque to another earlier story which he reminisced of while snowed in xomewhere. Didn't see that one, though. Most of them were god awful boring.