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Claudia Christian in Films by Neptune's "Red"


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Hi B5 fans,

I wanted to let you know about a new project Claudia Christian is involved in. The film is called "Red", and it's an independent film by production company "Films by Neptune", based in San Francisco.

The film is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for financing. Claudia's only been involved a day or two and she's already helping to promote the campaign on Facebook, on Twitter, and on her blog. Please help support the film! You can find the campaign here - we have 33 days left in the campaign, and a long way to go!

Films by Neptune
I both just joined the forums and just found your thread, Dani. Sorry that your film is still incomplete. :( I hope you will find a way to reboot your finances and get it back on track again.... maybe you can turn it into a webseries like the Guild or something along those lines to help start it up again. :)
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