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Babylon 5 CCG

Any one here who is a fan of the Babylon 5 collectible card game? I played it a few times in the late 90ies-early 2000ds and loved it. I've never come across a ccg that manages to both convey a theme/mood and be a good and complex game at the same time as well as the B5 game does.

Now I've managed to persuade some friends who like both ccg's and B5 to give it a try. So now I have to find the time to re-read the rules, build some decks and play again :)
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I have never played. I have collected some of the cards, but during the time it was popular there just were not people near who played. Or should I say I didn't know of any people who played near me and I still do not know anyone who ever played. I've thought about trying to learn, but honestly I just don't have the energy and time to put effort into it, especially given the fact I still do not know other players.
I've got a huge binder full of hundreds of the cards, but I've only played it once or twice. I'm not really a gamer, and don't know anyone who is, but I am a hoarder – hence the cards!
I have the same problems. Very few players around, and being a hoarder. Fortunately I have friends, and a partner, who is enthusiastic B5 fans who are willing to try anything B5 related. That way I got to play it a few times when it was popular and I started collecting the cards. And now I have found out that a few friends I've made since are either B5 fans or CCG enthusiast that are willing to try again. :)
Many moons ago, my ex GF and I acquired quite a bit of sealed product for a pittance, but never got around to playing.

I recently got back into the Decipher Star Wars CCG, which was a great game. They also made the Star Trek CCG, both are officially dead now, so I am having loads of fun scooping up full sets on eBay for low prices. Got a gaming group, so hoping to get a few games in with friends. There's also a really active community online and the Players Committee still continues the game and designs new cards, even though Decipher folded decades ago after they lost the SW license to Wizards of the Coast. There are still even yearly tournaments and events. Really cool.

I bet if you look hard enough there might be an online community who play the game.

I bet if you look hard enough there might be an online community who play the game.

Yes there is. I've never looked to closely but I know there is a active community that uses some kind of digital platform/simulator to play the B5 ccg.