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Any other Blake’s 7 fans here?

Okay so thankfully the Season has dramatically improved for me. I've watch PRESSURE POINT 2.5 and TRIAL 2.6 over the weekend. I loved both episodes, but TRIAL was fantastic. I've often said that a problem shows often have is trying to shove too much material into one episode. BLAKE'S 7 has fallen victim to this on more than one occasion, but TRIAL did it perfectly. PRESSURE POINT was really good, but had a little let down for me due to some serious filming oversight toward the end of the episode when they are searching the facility. If you know the episode you know what I mean. This part of the plot seemed VERY rushed and under utilized - a point where they tried to shove more material into a time constraint than they should have. I still really loved the episode. Just fell short of perfect. HORIZON 2.4 was also a pretty high note episode for me.

Anyway so now what are we going to do?! You people got me into this BLAKE'S 7 mess and I just keep going deeper. You've got me looking at things on eBay and today I learned there are trading cards. HOW DARE YOU GET ME INVOLVED WITH A SERIES THAT HAS TRADING CARDS!!!!! You know I have a problem and you deliberately flaunt things in front of me. . . . . . . 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪
Yes I have received my first BLAKE'S 7 items from the U.K. :rolleyes:;)

Watched episode 2.11, GAMBIT, last night. I want to try to stretch them out, but I am enjoying them too much and I keep giving in about every other night. Another winner, especially the AVON, VILA, SERVALAN stuff. And Deep Roy made an appearance. Did not see that coming.

So I have been avoiding looking into the cast because I didn't want to know, but I gave into the temptation today and learned how many of them have passed beyond the Rim. VERY SAD. It is always tough learning there is no chance you'll ever be able tell someone how much you enjoyed something they created. SOOOOO glad I met so many Babylon 5 cast members before their time to move on arrived.
B7 is a very compelling show, despite the fact that the BBC massively hampered the effects work.
The models made out of hairdryers and the like were filmed with cameramen with no SFX experience and it really brought down the standard and spoiled the work that went into designing the liberator's interior and exterior.
It's a good show but I remember watching it about a year ago and it was just too depressing for the state of mind that I was in at the time.
I got into season 4, but the one interesting cast member that was left toward the end wasn't enough to carry it along.
Yes it seems most of the exterior ship effects have not only been very weak, but also very inconsistent. I've tried to overlook it since I've enjoyed the stories so much and I have liked the interior designs very much.

On the flipside, SPACE 1999 has had excellent miniatures effects. AND I've actually seen some really good stories, but not nearly as many strong stories as BLAKE'S 7. I have enjoyed SPACE 1999, but there have been some stinkers. I REALLY respect what they did with that show. It seems like a truly all around strong effort. Just hasn't always worked for me. So far VOYAGER'S RETURN, 1.6, was definitely the most unique and intriguing episode of SPACE 1999 for me.
I fully agree with that. The show itself is very good.
It boils down to Orwell's 1984 in space, which is one theme that Bab5 draws on a good bit too with regard to the Clarke administration.

Ron Thornton of Bab5 fame worked on Blakes 7 as well and I think it was him that was critical, in one interview that I read, of the BBC not wanting to expend any effort or resources on the special effects work, since they viewed sci-fi as being fodder for the lower classes.
I can imagine that being quite a widespread view in the BBC in the 70s and 80s, and ultimately, when you see the calibre of the Dr Who series that they crank out to this day, it seems to persist even now.

He was ultimately told not to put in as much effort as he was wanting to make, which I think goes a good way to explaining the remarkably low standard of some of the miniature and effects shot work on B7.

I've not seen Space 1999 in a little while. For me, it's one of my least favourite Gerry Anderson productions.
Like Terrahawks, I felt that it suffered a lot from many changes that were foisted on Anderson by weirdo Hollywood executives and other outside backers.
I remember watching a good documentary by the Anderson estate that documented how Space 1999 was painfully extruded and broken off from the attempt to make a second series of UFO, which in my view was a much better and more interesting series.
This is not the same documentary but from the comments, it seems to tell a similar story:
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I have a feeling that the one that I saw a while back might've been this one:
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The first series of Space 1999, to me, was like watching a strange, drawn out, Stanley Kubrick Space Odyssey-type thing. It was just weird.
I mean, even the basic premise of the moon being blown out of orbit and propelled at such a speed that it could travel past other planets, without itself being destroyed outright, is just so difficult to take seriously.
In season 2, the Hollywood backers wrestled even more control from Anderson and turned it into a dumbed-down action show, which did not seem to go down well with fans of the first series.
From my angle, it at least made it a bit more exciting.

You're dead right though, the design of the Eagle, the Alpha moonbase etc is excellent.
I have a big Eagle model on my shelf and a lunar tank, which you'll see a fair few of later in the show.
I love the design but the show that it fits into holds almost no fascination for me compared to Stingray or Thunderbirds.
I find that sad because Gerry Anderson saw directing puppets as a means to an end, so that he could eventually produce live action shows with real actors, but because of all the financial strings that the backers attached to him a bit later in his career, the live action shows are often a lot less well remembered.
That's despite 1999 being the most expensive show ever made for British TV at the time.
I just finished episode 12 of season 2, THE KEEPER. I see that I am about to finish Season 2 so I think I am going to try to stretch it out and not watch for a few days.... it is quite difficult to resist.

With SPACE 1999 I just watched Episode 10, BLACK SUN (Didn't care for it at all) and Episode 11, GUARDIAN OF PIRI (It was okay). I think the thing that most surprises me about the visuals is that we're talking 1975 - Post 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) and Pre STAR WARS (1977) - and those are movies! Here is a TV Series that clearly put the effort in.

I watched part of the first doc above, but I stopped when they started talking about Season 2 so I didn't see any spoilers. That was pretty funny about Landau's tan and Bain's pale skin.
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In a lot of cases, these were the same people that had done the special effects for all the Supermarionation shows, going all the way from Supercar, through Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and then UFO.
The effects work in UFO which was about 1970, I think, was pretty incredible. It had a really hard sci-fi edge that made it easy-to-believe.
Some went on to do the miniature work in some of the Roger Moore era Bond movies like Moonraker.

So, when they kicked off 1999 which was originally going to be the second series of UFO, the whole well-oiled engine of special effects just started up again, only with a turbocharger added in the form of all the hollyweird money.

So, you would expect the effects work on '99 to be pretty good.

Perhaps, because they expected to be doing more UFO, which essentially has an infinite number of possible stories that you can draw on and adapt from military history, with it being about a covert war with extra-terrestrials, they didn't have many ideas for stories that they could apply to '99.

One episode I dislike is the beta cloud one, which to me kind of epitomises the slightly disturbing, gruesome and brutal quality that the show has.
OMG I did it! I finished Series 2. WOW that came out of left field. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tough to resist starting Season 3 immediately.... DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!

Loved STAR ONE episode. Only one detractor and that would be the plot around Travis. Not quite sure what could have been going on there... BUT DON'T TELL ME! I'm hoping there will be more exposition.

Oh I so wish there was a re-mastered version of this with updated CGI. Don't get me wrong some of the space shots are pretty decent and work for me, but on the whole it is pretty bad. I try to put effects into the context and budget. It seems like they spent a lot on some sets, but not much on effects. But going back to what Crash said about the times, SciFi will always have a stigma around it - even still when there is a ton of it out there making billions of dollars. :rolleyes: Sad thing is it would take very little expenditure to update those space shots. Even cheap CGI by today standards would be a vast improvement to the majority of the space shots.

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