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Any other Blake’s 7 fans here?

Blake’s 7 is a 70s British sci-fi show by Terry Nation (inventor of Doctor Who’s Daleks) and it’s one of my favorite shows. Interestingly, J. Micheal Straczynski said somewhere that he was a fan of the show and that it did partially inspire Babylon 5. Any other Blake’s 7 fans about?
Wish I could say yes, but alas I have never seen it. I guess it is now your job to convince me.
Wish I could say yes, but alas I have never seen it. I guess it is now your job to convince me.
Well, it’s basically about a rebel leader who was framed by the regime he was trying to topple, and so his only allies became a group of criminals he rescued from a prison planet that was run by a cult. None of them trust each other, and most of them don’t even care about stopping the corrupt regime that drugs and brainwashes the population of Earth, but they have nowhere else to go, so they stick with each other anyway. Lots of complex character dynamics there. Also, there’s a particular episode in season three that has several parallels to a certain end-of-season-three Babylon 5 episode.
Hmmm very interesting. Is it finally time for Looney to start watching Blake's 7?

(Please note that Looney from time to time refers to himself in this way. ) 🤪😜 😁
Okay so doing a search it might take me a bit to find a way to watch Blake's 7. I have soooo many streaming services, but BritBox isn't one of them and I don't want to pay-per episode on Amazon. I'll probably be able to find some solution soon. You have greatly intrigued me. 🤓
I believe there were audio releases as well. Been a while, but on re-checking, looks like there was a series produced a ways back that can be found on audible at least, plus others from Big Finish. ...and seems Big Finish has some actual paper books (not audiobooks) which were apparently released last March - "The complete first season of Terry Nation’s Blake's 7 published as a collection of seven premium hardback novelisations." But a little expensive at $171.50.
The Big Finish audios are absolutely brilliant, I haven’t read those novelizations because I was broke when they came out. There is a novelization of the first four episodes by Trevor Hoyle that I’ve read, but it’s a bit infamous in the fandom as some details don’t match up, mostly because it was written before the episodes were filmed or even cast. It’s essentially what an early draft looked like, even though the writing quality is good.
Well finding the series without having to pay for it is becoming more of a challenge than I hoped it would be. :confused:
Unfortunately, there is nowhere to watch it for free, last I checked. It’s either a subscription or importing discs. The unfortunate fate of a rather obscure series, I’m afraid. :(
If you want to play the game, it’s free for a short time if you get a free trial of Brit Box, through Amazon Prime, at least. I hate doing that just to watch one show, but if you are ready to watch it all in a month it might work.
IT HAS BEGUN!!!!! Watched the first two episodes last night. I was instantly reminded that I've been listening to the theme song for many years. I have an old CD from the 90s, THE CULT FILES VOLUME ONE, that has the theme song on it. Heard it many times. 🎧

Okay so I loved it, especially the first episode. That was some kind of dynamic storytelling in terms of Blake's history. The only thing I didn't enjoy about the second episode was I felt they crammed too much into it. I definitely felt like there were two episodes smashed into one. I don't want to give any spoilers.

The question is would anyone like me to start a new thread with spoilers and my opinions on episodes or should I just keep them in this thread and let the spoilers out with a Spoiler Warning?

Did a search and found several old BLAKE'S 7 threads.

Blake's 7 Comeback

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These threads are all more than ten years old.
WOW! Guess that is a resounding answer. Well truth be told I haven't watched another episode yet, but I now have access to the entire series and I plan to continue.
Just letting everyone know I have watched the first 10 episodes and where the hell has this series been all my life?!!!!!!! I am having to fight myself from sprinting through the whole thing. I just love every second so far. .... FARSCAPE MUCH!!!! LOL 😁

BTW, also watching SPACE 1999. Not going as well. Absolutely love the setup, even though it was quite ridiculous, but haven't really gotten into what they have done since the initial episode. Not really sure why they have gone the direction they have taken when there was so much that needed to be explored after the inciting incident. I will stick with it and hope I enjoy it more.
Did some reading once on Space 1999, and I think Season 2 went off in Interesting Directions with shakeups in production, etc. I think in the 2nd season they are contacted by Earth, but there was some sort of time-dilation thingee so it was an Earth where several centuries had elapsed, etc. Also a world where Earth's original inhabitants came from. Been a while. I think it is "free" on Pluto or Tubi or something.
This will probably expire before people see it, but looks like Big Finish has a sale (of sorts) on some of their Blake's 7 audio stuff. Some items might be on sale till June 9th, some till June 10th. Looks like the 2023 "Origins" is on sale-ish at $127.93 (US) vs $172.72.

https://www.bigfinish.com/hubs/v/blake-s-7/ ->- Main Page

https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/v/blake-s-7/ --> Bbooks/Audiobooks
https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/v/blake-s-7---the-classic-audio-adventures/ --> Classic Adventures
https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/v/blake-s-7---the-liberator-chronicles/ --> Liberator Chronicles
https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/v/the-worlds-of-blake-s-7/ --> Tarrant/Worlds of Blakes 7
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Would anyone like to gift me those Big Finish Audios? 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😁

So moving on. Season 2 has begun. Tad of a shaky start for my interest.

I felt maybe 2.1 REDEMPTION was a little rushed to fit in more story than needed to be told in one episode.
2.2 SHADOW was a bit more intriguing, but I don't know. Just not as like "I can't look away for fear of missing something" as I was during Season One.
2.3 WEAPON - Hmmmmm casting change I didn't love (yet), but I really liked the addition of Carnell (Scott Fredericks), but I've seen that this is his only appearance. I mean what was the point of bringing in a good new character if he wasn't going to last. I did read the he really did not like working with the director of the episode, so that probably soured him on the series.

So I'm slightly let down with Season Two so far, but I'm still having to fight the desire to just binge watch the whole series. We'll see where it goes from here. 😀

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