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24 [1/14/03]-(SPOILERS)


What a great twist at the end. I had a feeling though that when Marie showed up at Warner Enterprises that something was up. I knew that CTU guy was going to die but I didn't think Reza was gonna get waxed.

Finally, we start to see Sherry's real intentions. Why the hell would she and Stanton be involved with terrorists and try to keep everyone from finding the nuke though? That confuses the hell out of me.

Damn, we have to wait three more weeks again. /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif
Was that Lt. Mathison (sp) of Crusade playing the role of Baker working for CTU when they came to Siam Ahile (sp)?

24 has some real twists to it. I agree with you about Marie, when she showed up I knew something was wrong. I told my girlfriend that maybe she was going to poison him when they kissed. The CTU guy should had never let her in, that was strange. Sherry is a bi*ch. Man, I was really starting to think she was turning a new leaf and I was pissed at myself for thinking she was really helping. I should had known. Great episode it is a shame we have to wait 3 weeks to see the next hour.

Yes, that was indeed Daniel Dae Kim (Lt. Matheson from Crusade) playing Baker.

When Marie went up and kissed Reza I kept watching for her to maybe slip him a knife or something so that he might be able to escape or attack the agent. When I didn't see her do anything of the sort I kind of wondered what that was all about. I didn't really see that coming until Reza realized who it was too.
After seeing from the commercials the gunshot, when Marie showed up I figured it was here. Still not figuring out all the connections and motives, though.

I was falling for the Sherry act as well. Should have known better.

Anyone think we've seen the last of Nina?
I wasn't falling for the whole Sherry act for a minute. I knew from the second she showed up that she was up to something. Someone like that doesn't change so drastically in such a short time.
Eh, I found it kind of predictable that Marie. One of the laws of drama: It's never someone that's overtly suspected - it's always someone else. But that's just me. I suspect everybody.

I just hope that they don't keep bringing Nina back. It'd really diminish her effect.
My son and I were suspecting Marie from the week before. The ridiculousness of her comments - first about her sister betraying Reza, and then Reza betraying her father - was so off base that it didn't make any sense. Now it does.

On the other hand, the writers cheated a little bit by waiting until the last 20 minutes of this episode to mention that Bob Warner's family lived in Saudi Arabia for a time. This gives us a scenario where a young and impressionable Marie could've fallen under the sway of Sayed Ali. Without that little tidbit, Marie being a terrorist seemed highly implausable.

And now we have to wait ANOTHER three weeks?
After the shock of Marie being a villain wore off, I noticed something: she always did seem to be actin a little "off"- often not looking directly at the person she was talking too, having some weird and slightly off-balance reaction to things.

After she shot Reza, she had this sadistic, psycho look.

My guess at this point is that Bob Warner is a "sane," morally deficient, cool terrorist (though he could still plausibly turn out to be a patriot and CIA consultant) while Marie is tad on the mental side.

Another great episode, of course, except for the melodrama of Kim and her boyfriend.
Granted that the Kim & boyfriend stuff was pointless filler, but relative to Kim's track record her behavior in this episode was comparatively rational and non-irritating (to me, anyway). Talking about behavior based on a scale of Kim's history doesn't set a very high bar /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif, but at least it is improvement. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

They caught me on the Marie-as-terrorist thing. When she showed up I knew something was up. I was thinking that she might try to take out Reza when she got close to him or that she might go after the computer if she got a chance. That she was *the* source of the transactions clicked for me when Reza said the word "laptop".

I never trusted Sherry. The more helpful information she came up with in this episode the more I kept thinking that this was stuff that she should not be able to find out faster than the other people working it, unless her source / connection was inside the plot.
I've been wondering if maybe Laura Harris (Marie) wasn't told about who her character really was until the script for this episode came out. Much like the same that JMS did with the actor that played Jack in B5 it would help keep her from trying to act like she was the bad guy trying to act good. Either way though, I think she did a good job.
Besides Daniel Dae Kim being in the episode, another B5-ism that made me grin was when David put his hand on Sherry's shoulder, and said "I'm glad you're here", at which point Sherry holds David's hand and says,

"I've always been here"

Who does she think she is, Kosh? /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
I noticed that also. I told my girlfriend "Wonder if that came from Babylon 5" at which point she just looked at me funny /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

Oh well,

I also didn't trust Sherry. She just seemed too helpful and perfect. And how can the president be comfortable with the idea of his ex-wife having more government info than his staff?
^^^^Because, my friend, Palmer is not stupid and he probably knows she's not on the up and up which is why she allowed her to be in his circle. He led her on before by allowing himself to be almost seduced by the campaign worker hired by Sherry to keep him in line before pulling the rug from under her. I have a feeling that he's stringing Sherry along again and waiting for her to trip up. People think the y can take advantage of him because he carries this air of honesty and trustworthiness. But my man President Palmer can play dirty pool like the rest of them.
Im hoping thats the case.

The Marie thing was a suprise to me, and one I didnt see coming. Im wondering how she got to be the person she is. Cant wait to see how that plays out and what her backstory is. Im sure we will find out eventually.

As for Ms Palmer, since her return natually I never trusted her. I just thought she was out to get in the Presidents good graces again and maybe get into politics herself somehow. I didnt realize she was going to be in so deep though. In fact, I am actually disappointed that we saw her talking to the head of NSA so soon. Earlier in that episode is when I started formulating this plan that Sherry was one of the REAL bad guys in this season. I remember thinking "How the hell does the ex-wife of a presidential CANDIDATE (because he wasnt in office when they got divorced so she was never really privy to lots of stuff) get all this information on some super secret backdoor communications system." Then I had to wonder how she was able to get all this proof so fast, and how her "sources" were able to get some retired guy to and use his old passcode to get into the system. I was actually starting to go "oh God, they are going Trek on us" that she seemed to pull these answers out of her ass. So I was suspecting her of being in league with the NSA guy and others, and was somewhat disappointed that they revealed it so fast.

I do think the President doesnt trust her. I hope he doesnt. He has to be asking the same things. How does SHE get all this info?
Another thing I wonder about Sherry is if she really does love Palmer? Last season, she came off as really loving him, if not totally having faith in him. No wonder she is often called "Lady McPalmer." Either she still thinks she's doing everything for his good (and her own, of course), or she just couldn't care less about him at this point, even resenting him and seeking revenge.

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