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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Each Night I Dream Of Home

Originally Posted by RMcD View Post
No, I got tired of the forced humour.
Oh, come on, the part about who gets to shoulder the burden of sending Dr. Franklin's virus laden air to the plumber, was beaten to death. I was saying "Enough already!" I watched the ep. yesterday and the only forced humor I can remember was the Gideon/Lochley banter:

"Never eat anything bigger than your head....." stuff. That wasn't nearly as bad as Franklin/Chambers stuff that took up what felt like half the episode once you figure in the long stares between them. Too melodramatic.

Dr. Franklin: When the time comes, I'll push the button that will mix the air between the other isobay and my own. I don't want you doing it.

Dr. Chambers: I'm perfectly capable.

Dr. Franklin: No, it's not that. I just don't want you to have it on your conscience.


Dr. Franklin: Alright David, this is how we're going to do this. Everything here has been scrubbed of all partiiculate matter and sterilized. The only thing left in here should be me and the virus, which I'm releasing every time I exhale. Now, in a moment, I'll open an air vent between your isobay and mine. The series of injections we gave you earlier will enable us to scan you on a molecular level. Now, everything has been accounted for in, on and around you, so the only thing that should show up on the scanners is the virus. We'll be able to get an image of it and track it every step of the way as it enters your system. Any questions?

David: No.

Dr. Franklin: Alright, let's get started.

Dr. Chambers: Stand by.

Computer: Warning. Malfunction. Warning. Malfunction.

Dr. Chambers: We seem to have a problem.

Dr. Chambers: Your console isn't activating the air vent.

Dr. Franklin: Well then we're just going to have to....

Dr. Chambers: No, it's OK. I'll do it.

Dr. Franklin: Doctor.

Dr. Chambers: You have enough to think about. Let me carry this one for you.


Dr. Franklin: And, uh, thanks.

Dr. Chambers: <nods back>
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