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Whispers in the Night 24

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David Rathell Sheridan was born a month premature by human standards, and a month late by Minbari. He was a happy, healthy little baby, who entranced all those who met him.

Kiera had avoided the babe like the plague. The small child who embodied so much, and asked so little, enraptured James.

This made him even more aware of the
dangers he faced throughout his life. It was too much of a burden for such small shoulders, and he aimed to help alleviate David of some of it.

The greatest cause of activity was the arrival of the baby’s paternal grandparents. David, his namesake, and Alice Sheridan arrived shortly after the official announcement of the birth, and James was even more busy than usual re-arranging quarters, meetings and the Rangers roster.

However he wasn’t busy enough to notice Kiera did not appear to be suffering the curiosity many others appeared to be.

Late one night, he crept quietly into the new quarters she now occupied during her wait for the Ranger recruitment testing. She had decided a few days back to join the Rangers, if only to help her development.

Stood outside the door to her quarters, James paused. He could hear sobbing. When he tried to probe Kiera, he felt her walls slam down against him, blocking out even his soothing touch.

This made him panic, and he banged on the door.


GO AWAY!! The words roared into his mind. Get the hell away from me!

James physically backed away from the door at the force of Kiera’s anger. This was so totally unlike the calm, cool young woman he was used to, and it both worried and scared him. The force of her message reinforced his belief she had not been looking after herself, and had even been skipping her meds.

What’s wrong Kiera? He whispered softly, offering a gentle salve.

She took it, and he felt her grief go through him. Images of a baby in her arms, the sound of screams, of begging… then the most horrific image of the baby, laid on a gurney, a sheet drawn over its little body.

Kiera’s mind trembled, and James felt her true powers awake, like being caught by a twister, his mind was picked up and tossed as if it were paper. Kiera began to scream hysterically, trying to gain enough control to crawl across the room to her hypos… her own self being dragged down into the maelstrom of her power…

"Zathras... does not remember. But if Zathras remember, Zathras will tell you!"
Zathras: "You are finite, Zathras is finite, this... is wrong tool!"
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Lorien: Who are you?
RW: The salad man.
Lorien: Why are you here?
RW: To be the salad ambassador.
Lorien: What do you want?
RW: Everyone to know the joys of salad.
Lorien: Do you have anything worth living for?
RW: Yes, my salad bars.

Scary thought...

EntilZhaDelenn, Future portrayer of Ambassador Delenn

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I live for the Pepsi, I die for the Pepsi.
More puzzles! Thank you, Sharenn.

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Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
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Thankyou....Happy New Year and OMG!!!

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