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what happened to the new babylon 5 graphic novel?

wasn't JMS writing a new graphic novel that was supposed to be produced by wildstorm press? i remember reading that it was supposed to tie the babylon 5, crusade and legends of the rangers universe together.
I haven't heard anything about this, but if there will be such a book published, I'd read it. :)
I think JMS put this one on the back burner some time ago. He had a contract to do it, but never even got as far as deciding on a story. The B5/Crusade/Rangers cross-over was one idea he had mentioned considering, another was a Sheridan/Sinclair story either set during the Mars riots or the early days on B5 - 2256 or 2257. As far as I can recall he never announced any final decision.


I thought I remembered seeing something about that having a publisher and a pub date, but can't find a post on JMS News. Anybody else know anything about this? Anyone? Bueller?




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