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Tru Calling


A new show this fall portrays Elisha Dushku as a girl who sees dead people and then goes back in time to try to save them. Sort of a Seven Days meets The Dead Zone type of thing.

Any wagers on how long this one will last?
I'll give it about 4 episodes... then it'll go on hiatus with the remaining episodes to be aired (if at all) on Friday or Saturday nights during the Winter. Fox put this show in the "death" timeslot opposite Survivor and Friends... it won't be around for long.
Oof. Oh well, since I'm not really fond of either of those shows, I'll give Tru Calling a shot. Fox doesn't exactly have a great track record with shows like this, but it sounds good to me.

It's sad that you almost have to expect going in that shows like this won't be around for the following season.
Oh I'll probably watch as well since I'm no fan of Friends or Survivor. I guess Fox feels the need to put up some sort of sacrifical lamb every year and Tru Calling is just the latest one.
I've seen the pilot. It's okay, nothing remarkable. I think like Dead Zone it'll struggle to be different each time and not predictable.
Perhaps if it was on UPN or WB the show would have a chance, but not many shows have a long life when they're on FOX.

Rommie :D
Considering that it's now a midseason replacement that is being retooled, I'm wondering if it'll see the light of day.