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Trailer Music


I hope someone can help me, and I hope this is in the right forum.

When the trailer for FOTR came out there was some great music on it and I assumed that it would be in the film, but it wasn't.

I then heard it on the trailer for T3, and it is being used at the moment for the trailer of the TV series Henry VIII (in the UK).

Can anyone tell me where this music comes from? Is it part of a larger work, or is it just a 30 second soundbite?
I hear the music from the late eighties early nineties "spunky American beats the Nazis" movie "The Rocketeer" all the time. And I mean -- all the time...
All the music in all three Fellowship of the Ring trailers was in that movie. The Music from the first Two Towers trailer was in that movie. The music from the second tTT trailer was not and never will be in any Lord of the Rings film. It is actually the theme of a movie calle Requiem for a Dream. Howard Shore liked it and had it rescored just for the trealer. I hope the music from the RotK trailer is in the movie because it is very moving.
I too was disappointed that the music in the Fellowship trailer was not actually in the movie. Popular soundtracks get dumped into trailers all the time. If I had a nickel for every time they used James Horner's tracks to "Aliens" for a trailer, well.... I'd certainly jingle when I walked.

The odd thing is, since I am such a musical score afficionado, is that I never heard that music before (from the Fellowship trailer) and have no idea where it came from. the same music was also used on the MacDonald's LOTR product tie in site last year before the film came out, which got me even more psyched for the film.

Oh well. We'll figure it out.
Thanks for that. I have just rewatched a TT trailer and noticed that music.

But it is still different from the FOTR trailer music. It is the first music that we hear in trailer one, then it is used again in the final trailer. Near to the end, the theme is heard just on instruments then at the point that the cave troll bursts, in the full blown vocal launches again.

It is this vocal portion that I have heard on the TV trailer for 'Henry VIII'. If it comes from the film, please tell me where as I can't hear it on the CD.
Music from other movies is commonly used in trailers, especially the "teaser trailers" that are sometimes released while a film is still in production, for precisely the reason mentioned in the article - the movie's score isn't finished yet. (While major themes may be worked out, the final score is actually written and recorded to the final cut of the film - and therefore is one of the very last parts to a film completed, often following even the FX shots.)

In this case they didn't think the FotR music fit, so they went with something that did.

I, too, have lost track of the number of times I've heard the Horner Aliens score. (Although, in fairness, it should be pointed out that Horner's SF/adventure film scores are often hard to distinguish from one another. I once heard some familiar, driving "chase" music coming from another room and walked in expecting to see The Wrath of Khan - instead I found my dad watching a forgetable sword'n'socercy pot-boiler called Krull.)

And yeah, The Rocketeer score sure does get around - in part, I think, because so few people saw the original film. :) I last heard it in the TV commercials for Second-hand Lions. The Apollo 13 soundtrack is another that gets used heavily in the trailers for other films.

By the way, I haven't seen all the trailers mentioned above, but if the FotR trailer featured a kind of ethereal vocal track by Enya, that played over the closing credits and may not have been used in the film proper, if memory serves.


Sorry about that. After I posted the link, I noticed that it was again referring to The Two Towers, not Fellowship, so it looks like I found the wrong music. I'll look again.

The Prokofiev-like trailer music for Fellowship was excellent.

RE: Joe. Yes, Horner does rip himself off. I often confuse the Apollo 13 theme with the Perfect Storm. Wrath of Khan was lifted heavily for Aliens, but in Horner's defense, Cameron only gave him 8 weeks to score the film - which made Horner swear (at the time) to never work with Cameron again. :LOL:

Typically Horner just rearranges the main trumpet to give the theme a different sound. If you really want to hear the entire Wrath of Khan sneak attack theme replayed, go rent the old Albert Finney film "Wolfen" and watch the final wolf attack. The entire suite is almost note-for-note, except of course for the lead trumpet.


Thank you B5_Obsessed :D

I don't know how you did it, but it is great. Do you know anything else about the piece?

Do you want to sleep with me? :p

I don't know how you did it, but it is great. Do you know anything else about the piece?

Not much. The Official Chris Field site is under construction and yields no information. Word has it that Gothic Power is not available on any CD anywhere at present. The MP3 file I found was somewhat short and repetitive, so I don't know if it's part of a larger piece or if it's the whole thing. I wonder where and how the makers of the trailer managed to dig it up?

Do you want to sleep with me?

Damn, where was the Internet when I was growing up? ;)
I'll take your obvious gratitude as my only reward.
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