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The Legend of the Rangers' Cast members

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The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

Does anyone know who has been cast as the new character's for "Babylon 5:Legend of the Rangers" TV movie/pilot? What character's are in the movie? Who are they? I want to know...I am excited to see the new characters...Martial Arts!

Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

yeah G'kar is in it

Check out this url cast and crew page: http://www.b5lr.com/castandcrew.html

We will find out more I am sure of it .
Also have a look at the shhow overview page it will interest you I am sure.

Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

Thanks Deviot! Keep me posted on the latest news...You seem to be the most informed on this site! That's great dude! -Ghost R.-
Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

I would argue that I'm most informed, as I brought news of the script etc.

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Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

Well, it looks like we have our two confirmed cast members...Definitely official now! Still waiting on word regarding the other characters...No confirmation on "Li Chen" (Warren T.Takeuchi)...nothing...We might have to wait until the movie is aired...or, maybe the rest of the cast will show up on the IMDB after production is completed...The anticipation is killing me...

Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

All the cast info is up in another thread. I don't know who any of these people are (except Andreas, of course!), but B5 started with a bunch of unknowns, so I guess that's okay.


Re: The Legend of the Rangers\' Cast members

i checked all the names of the cast on the imdb and most have done an ep or 2 of sci-fi series shot in Vancouver but nothing too recognizible.
one did an ep of Lone Gunmen, another First Wave, a couple from Andromeda. i think they might seem slightly familiar when we see them, but none will be Bruce Boxlietner familiar.

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