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The Family Guy Cometh


April 15th isn't just tax day, it's also when the Family Guy Volume One DVD boxed set is being released. On four discs, it has 28 episodes (the first two seasons). I haven't seen any mention of extras, but who needs 'em? Prices I've seen range from $33 - $45. Not bad for two seasons!

So have I. On tape. Complete with commercials and that stupid Fox logo in the corner. My favourite episode is where the cable went out.
Im all over this too. Its funny, I was out with my roommate last night and we were putting away a few beers. He mentioned he found some guy who had taken the old cartoon series "The Tick" (which is legendary its so funny) and put them on a DVD complete with menus. He bought it off ebay and should be getting it soon. Its kind of ghetto, but the only way to get the series. He said someone was doing the same for Family Guy, and he was gonna try to get it. Good timing that they are coming out with an official release. That show rules! We spent about 15min talking about all the funny scenes in the show.
Ah, bootleg Tick DVDs. It's all worth it! That show was so....... awesome. In so MANY ways. SPEAK!

Anyways..... I too must have Family Guy. I lurved it like a brother. Or something.
A buddy of mine bought the entire bootlegged series off ebay last summer. Needless to say, the quality isn't great, but it did have the menus and such.