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The DaVinci Code


Has anyone read this book? A guy at the office was reading it, and he said like half the people on his train in the morning are reading it and that its pretty interesting. Apparently Ron Howard already bought the rights to make it into a movie? It seems like it is my kinda book, just wondering if anyone has read it yet.
It's a pretty interesting book. For those interested, it can also serve as a very basic introduction to coptic/gnostic Christian beliefs. My only complaint with it is that the it is too much like Dan Brown's previous book, Angels and Demons. The pacing, plot twists and even the characters are pretty much the same. It seemed like he just switched the names and places around. It is, however, still a very entertaining book.
Yes, a very entertaining book. I didn't like it as much as my friends did. They were all concerned with the religious aspect, but it was a fun read.