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Star Trek Picard Series

I assume most people have seen the trailer to this now but if not here's a international friendly trailer (bloody CBS region locked their trailer lol). Mega excited about this!!



I am excited because they did release Star Trek Discovery on DVD so hopefully they will do the same with this series because that is the only way I will see it - like a year after they release it on their service.
I'm fortunate that we get Discovery (and presumably Picard) on Netflix here in the UK - and all the other Trek shows as well, I've been slowly re-watching DS9.

If you've not seen season 2 of Discovery yet Looney, you're in for a treat. Some very good episodes.

As for Picard, I'm really looking forward to it.
Yeah I'm about a 3rd of the way into Season 2 and it was good. From what I've seen in the trailers for the later half of the season there's stacks of TOS connections and cool stuff. Need to get off my arse and get back to watching it but have been so busy haha.
I just might have to subscribe to the all access for this one. I'm sure we'll end up seeing a lot of familiar faces. I've been looking forward to it since I heard it was in the works. I'll check out Discovery too, of course.
I know it is inevitable, but I feel that signing up for ALL ACCESS is lending support to the idea that individual networks should make us all pay for their streaming service and I want no part it. I already pay for HULU, NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, and SLING TV. I see no reason to have to pay for a single channel subscription. Of course my tune would immediately change if a series called DELENN or IVANOVA or LYTA or BESTER (and so on) was announced. ;)

Wait instead of BESTER would ALFRED or AL work better? :LOL:
I already know I'm going to subscribe to the Disney streaming service when the Star Wars live action show starts. I hate doing it but I know I will.
I already know I'm going to subscribe to the Disney streaming service when the Star Wars live action show starts. I hate doing it but I know I will.

Yeah I am going to hold out as long as possible on that one. I like the new Star Wars stuff, but I am far from loving it and I don't really see an urgency to buy into that. Having said that Disney could certainly lure me with other programs. Basically all CBS is offering me is Picard.
It does look brilliant! Good to see Seven again, and I want to know what's up with the Borg cube that the Romulans seem to have captured. And Data! I wonder if he's on a holodeck - maybe they've hooked up B4's positronic brain containing Data's personality to a bigger computer.

Hopefully they've saved a few surprises for the series that they haven't told us about yet.
Yeah if B4 is disassembled I'd say Picard is playing cards with Data on the Holodeck.

Just found this trailer analysis by Trek Central. Looks like they going with post apocalypse (the controversial supernova event) Romulan's experimenting with Borg technology presumably to try and regain some lost power. Gotta love the lab sign saying 5,843 days without assimilation lol! Looks like they have control of a cube too. Considering Romulan's and Borg were my favourite villains from TNG this pleases me greatly.

Star Trek Discovery might have been an acceptable show if it was called anything other than Star Trek. I couldn't make it more than a few episodes into Season 2.

I have high hopes for Picard. This will either be the resurrection of Trek, or the final nail in its coffin.
Excitement levels rising! Amazing how Patrick Stewart somehow manages to look younger than Jonathan Frakes in this!

From the trailers I get the impression that the Federation are building androids, maybe utilising Borg tech? The presence of a TOS Romulan Bird of Prey is intriguing. And it's really great to see Riker and Troi again, hopefully they'll get more to do than just meet and greet Picard. I wonder if Riker is still in Starfleet?
The board was down for a couple of days last week. They probably reloaded an archive and some of the more recent posts are missing.
The board was down for a couple of days last week. They probably reloaded an archive and some of the more recent posts are missing.

Ahh okay I must have missed all the excitement lol. Fortnately I've posted my reviews in a few places so I'll go grab a copy!

my thoughts on the series so far..

Episode 1: (SPOILER ALERT)
I loved the opening shot with the camera closing in on the Enterprise D (which had some interesting design modifications) and going through the window into to the room.. the kind of shot you always wanted to see as a kid watching TNG but knew they couldn't really do effectively (well not without spending some heavy money lol, which is kind of ironic considering the 60s failed trek pilot sort of has a camera through bridge window shot).

I enjoyed the whole episode but I feel like I can't quite give judgement yet. I need to know more about what's going on and need to see how things pan out story wise.

Also the zero mention of Lal and Lore seems a bit strange in a world where the daystrom institute desperately wanted to replicate Data. I mean what happened to their parts after they were disassembled? B4 was in a drawer so where's the Lal and Lore drawers haha?

First thought was.. did the writers forget them?.. but that seems unlikely consider they brought Hugh back which means they clearly remember Descent 1 & 2 which Lore was in. The whole Daughter 2.0 storyline suggests the Lal episode is something they know too. Plus Frakes directed that one and he's involved in Picard.

Isolationist Federation: (SPOILER ALERT)
People seem quite upset about this like its not possible. While yes in the past it made sense to play out the current real worlds problems on the alien races instead of the Federation, they have gone through a lot in the 24th century. Multiple borg invasions, a military coup, war with the Klingons, war with the dominion (that apparently resulted in millions dead, hundreds of ships destroyed), a Breen attack on earth & starfleet HQ itself, and could have lost earth entirely to a Scimitar thalaron weapon attack from the leaders a Romulan Remen military coup. After all that a isolationist Federation is actually quite plausible even if it's not Gene's original vision of a Utopian Federation that can endure endless trauma.

Episode 2 explains some of the mysteries & fan complaints about the first episode: (SPOILER ALERT)
A few fans complained about the weird Starfleet HQ 'rooftop cleanup' job & leave Picard on his couch with no questions asked scene jump moment in ep 1 but now we see the Commodore reviewing the battle cleanup footage (questioning it's effectiveness) and discover this fascinating Starfleet conspiracy with secret Romulan sect plot. I remember people in the past getting so upset about the English writing in the Romulan Borg research post but there are a lots of humans there which explains that one.

We see that the Androids that destroyed Utopia planitia were 'hacked' presumably by this secret synthetic hating Romulan faction. And holy moly they actually acknowledged Picard's Irumodic syndrome that afflicted him around now in the alternate future seen in TNG finale All Good Things. I'm impressed with their attention to detail (regarding old Trek events), which makes me hope the writers haven't forgotten Lore & Lal after all.

The only real gaff I saw was Laris saying Romulans never had a cybernetic program which contradicts the awesome TNG S3 ep the defector where Admiral Jarok tells Data that he knows a number of Romulan cyberneticists that would love to get their hands on him. Although then again maybe its not a gaff as we saw Romulan experts pulling apart dead Borg. You cant really study Borgs without some good cyberneticists lol. Probably just more Romulan secrets lol.

My thoughts on what's led to some peoples frustrations with ep 1 & ep2: (SPOILER ALERT)
It's funny. Am involved in a number of Picard forum discussions around the net and I see some people complaining about too much exposition yet I see others complaining about being confused due to not enough info lol. Makes me think they probably should have just done Ep 1 & 2 together as a pilot movie (that would have avoided some of the anger about confusing things in ep1 that were explained in ep 2) then they could have had the big trailer at the end of the 2hrs showing that the adventure kicks off next episode. Instead we got a ep1 that confused people and an exciting trailer at the end of it that implied the adventure was about to begin when in reality the next ep was still farting around on earth lol. So yeah I reckon a combined double ep pilot would have pissed off/confused far less people.

Anyway I'm still enjoying the show but am still unsure as to whether I actually really really like it or not. Still need to see how story pans out lol.

Episode 3 just seen: (SPOILER ALERT)
Not thrilled about how they continue to make Picard look slow, weak & frail. You watch him on talk shows and he zips around just fine lol! But I love the fact that in ep 3 it appears writers are trying to address one of those funny never explained issues from old trek.

When I was young it always annoyed me how in TNG supposedly a Borg who got his individuality somehow broke a friggin cube and caused a rebellion on it of sorts when assimilating individuals is what the Borg do lol. Voyager & FC ended up adding a lot of info on how the borg worked, how they connect, and made it pretty obvious that assimilating ex borgs (eg 7 of 9, the borg kids, locutus etc) back into the fold wasn't going to break anything lol, in fact they wanted them. Yes Hugh was a Borg test tube baby and not a previous individual unlike those others I mention but it shouldn't really matter HOW they became an individual when you're grabbing someone and pumping nanites into their blood and connecting them to the hive lol.

However it looks like the new trek writers are carving a story where in reality, Hugh went back to the Borg they reassimilated him no probs but then a few hours later on the trip back to delta they found a nice little yummy Romulan intelligence vessel on the way to assimilate, they start 'processing them' and then 'something' goes wrong (Romulan virus? weapon? racial nanite rejection like the Denobulans?). Hugh presumably wakes up and pops out of his alcove again thinking its somehow caused by him (hence why he later tells Picard in Descent that it was his fault), all the other borgs who don't know how to be individuals start goin nuts and they kick off a nice little rebellion which then at some point Lore arrives on the scene and takes control of them and they escape on the light cruiser which we see in Descent (small borg ships inside big borg ships is nothing new). In fact this new obvious Romulan ex-borg fears of Dahj's sister (ie synthetics) could very well be relating to trauma from what Lore did to many of them when he took over things which once again gives me hope Lore will somehow come into this new story at some point. Probably a long shot though haha..

Am I way off.. we shall see haha.
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