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Spread the Word


Someone needs to create a cool COLOR flyer that grabs the viewer’s attention and can be downloaded and viewed in Word or even Paint. This would allow the B5 community especially in the East and Midwest to distribute these flyers to Scifi/Fantasy shops, grocery stores, schools and shops around your neighborhood and city. The flyer should also state that this is a pilot for a potential series and we need viewers and most importantly Nielson viewers. We are bound to have people here with creative communication and art skills. I know over at the “Crusade for Crusade” site they had Crusade flyers that they distributed at conventions.

I feel that if a re-run of this show can get above 1.7 and close to a 2.2 rating like Part1 of FireStarter Rekindled than we have a chance. I would suspect Scifi will promote this movie to some extent since this was commissioned by them. So our job is to spread the word to everyone else. Scifi asked for our help the first time…now we have a SECOND CHANCE. Lets put it to good use.

We don’t have much time; lets get the WORD out about this movie.

Especially if there are no major events or shows on other channels. Maybe those who preferred Football over Rangers - and those who're willing to watch a second time will look that night and give the East Coast a decent rating
And maybe a show like Jeremiah will help bc it was also created by JMS


ps : Woohooo! I got my star back! /ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif
We have another chance, so let's use it! I'm thrilled about this, because I was so bummed about the whole situation. I put a news update on my webpage, plus I changed the color-scheme & added a couple of cool animated gifs.

Unfortinantley I'm stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic and only got to see TLADIS through illeagally downloading it from the internet (I'm ashamed as hell of this but it was the only way to see it) But I'll tell my folks in the States that if they don't have their TV's on the SciFi Channel on this day the're as good as dead *evilgrin*
Don't feel bad - if it's your only way to see it ... I'm not even sure where the copywrite issues fall with televised material that has not entered said country. To me, the story is what matters; if I can do it the legal way, fine. If I had no other option, I'd not want to miss out seeing the story - especially as good as B5. Being it's not out on video or DVD (yet), all you took away from was seeing the comercials SciFi aired - and I for one don't remember any of them and didn't buy anything they advertised so I "spent" as much money on the movie as you did. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

My friends and I have had to do this for anime that has not come over to America - and many that probably never will. It's the only way to watch it.

Good luck on getting the tape from your 'rents! /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif