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Some info on Season 2 DVD

Hey everyone,

Just saw this information posted on The Digital bits:

We have some details for you on Warner's upcoming Babylon 5: The Complete Second Season (street date 4/29 - SRP $99.98). The 6-disc set will include all 22 second season episodes in anamorphic widescreen video with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras will include an introduction by series creator/producer J. Michael Straczynski and various cast members, episode commentaries by Straczynski and cast members Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian and Jerry Doyle, the Building Babylon: Blueprint of an Episode featurette, the Shadows and Dreams: Honors of Babylon featurette, The Universe of Babylon 5 technical files, a gag reel, a series timeline and episode promos.

Two featurettes and more cool stuff!!

Can't wait till they come out!
a gag reel
Bloopers? Could that be possible?
I mean... I thought it has been said that this requires way too much legal hassle and what not... but hey, if this is true, I'm not complaining.
I completely agree. I'm not holding my breath... I'd rather not be too disappointed if this turns out to be just an unfounded rumour. But it certainly is something I'm most looking forward to.
A gag reel doesn't really sound like bloopers to me. More like the cast fooling around in front of the camera one day, or maybe even fanfic of a humorous variety.

I do wish we could get the bloopers.
More like the cast fooling around in front of the camera one day

By what I've heard, that day was every day. Which is why the "bloopers" are so funny -- half of them were deliberate.
Hello All,

Another little bit of news, the release date according to DeepDiscountDVD.com is 4/29/03. Their price, a reasonable $74.99 with free shipping. Not too shabby if it turns ut to be true.

Of course, it's the same price on Amazon.com and free shipping for the US people... available via the preordering link to the left here, if you'd want to support the site.
or maybe even fanfic of a humorous variety

That, I doubt. In the first place, "gag reel" says video to me, not text. In the second place, if bloopers involving people who were in the show to begin with are a pain to deal with legally then I would expect that the legalities of dealing with completely unaffiliated fanfic providers would be even more so. (That is not to say that the writers would try to make it difficult, just that all of the issues involved from tracking down the people with the rights to it to verifying that they *are* the right people and onward could keep a decent sized team of lawyers and their support staff busy for quite a while.)
If the gag reel that's supposed to be in the box set are bloopers, which I've never seen, I only have one thing to say: Woo Hoo!
Hmm, so nothing new except for the "gag reel" item? It would be so cool if it was true. Has anyone seen it confirmed elsewhere?
I just looked at B5 at Amazon and it is ranked #12 and #5 in "Box Sets". WB should be pleased... ( I know these rankings are just a snapshot and dont mean much, but I still think it is cool :D)

Hmm, so nothing new except for the "gag reel" item? It would be so cool if it was true. Has anyone seen it confirmed elsewhere?

I'm on a Warner Home Video mailing list and yesterday I got an e-mail inviting me to pre-order the S2 set. The features list includes the "gag reel", whatever that might be. I've seen two different WHV promo pages for the set: one includes the gag reel reference, the other doesn't. I guess we'll just have to wait until people start receiving their sets next week (or until some reviews start appearing on the web) to find out what exactly those two words mean. :(