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Season 2 box set gag reel, I found it!


It runs at 3m 10 seconds, so I don't know if this is "The" gag reel, but I've certainly seen all of this one before.
If's on disc 6. From the main menu:
Select "Special Features"
Select "The Universe of Babylon 5"
Select "Data Files"
Cursor down to "Project Lazarus"
Press left.
You should get a highlighted "5" logo appear.
Press select and your away.
so I don't know if this is "The" gag reel

Yes it is "the" gag reel on the DVD - because it is the only gag reel on the DVD. :)

do you know of the one on the season 1 set?

There is no gag reel on the season one set. The S1 Easter Egg is a promotional trailer that ran on PTEN stations prior to the start of the season. I think it ran for 30 seconds. Don't recall the procedure for finding it off the top oe my head, but it is similar to that given above - from one of the menus you arrow over to an apparently blank spot which suddenly reveals a "5", you click on the "5" and you get the Easter Egg.


I should have added that the S1 Easter Egg is only on the R1 edition of the set for some reason. So if you're in some other reason don't go nuts looking for it. :)


I LOVED this gag reel... though it was too too short :)

Was hoping Londo's "There's no connection to the 405 here.." one was gonna be on there but alas it was not :/

Here are a few pics though





Was hoping Londo's "There's no connection to the 405 here..."

Of course, that was an S1 blooper (from "A Voice in the Wilderness") and all of the material included in the gag reel was from S2. Maybe the S5 set will include some S1 bloopers as a bonus - or they'll put them on the Gathering disc if they ever reissue the pilot as a special edition DVD.


The out takes I want are the X rated scenes between Andrea and Claudia from "Divided Loyalties". :devil: :devil: ;) :p : :rolleyes:

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