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Season 1 DVD - Overall remarks


Beyond the rim
I have finally completed viewing all season one episodes and DVD extra's, so I thought I'd start this thread for those who have done the same, and can give overall comments regarding the box set.

There have been some episodes with some scratches, blurring and lower quality imagery, and some episodes with a very clear picture indeed. The most notable for it's high quality was 'Babylon Squared'. Not a scratch in sight - the transfer was picture perfect, and the episode itself reminded me of why I started viewing Babylon 5 in the first place. I would have loved JMS to have included a commentary on this episode.

I have to say that the commentaries that were provided by JMS were well worth the wait. Whenever commentaries are added as DVD extra's, I usually fall asleep, as the thought of sitting through a 2 hour long movie with commentary bores me. However, these commentaries were fascinating. JMS gives further insight into the production of the show, whilst outlining some of the finer points in Babylon 5 lore. He was honest, amusing, informative and entertaining, and hope that in future seasons, he comments more than two episodes. I learnt more from his commentaries than the 'Making of' featurettes.

I raise my glass to JMS for the show and it's transfer to DVD. Credit where credit is due. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif