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Rumour of a new series........

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i read on a web site there will be a new film about babylon 1 ,2 and 3 ....
I wouldn't even start wondering about anything B5 untill I hear something from the Great Maker. And, persionally, I'd much rather see JMS investing most of his time in Jeremiah then in a Babylon 5 spinoff
Likely - But its not funny.
Not that its insulting or something like that, but its just -Not funny-
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Main Entry: troll
Pronunciation: trl
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -ed/-ing/-s
Etymology: Middle English trollen to ramble, roll, probably from Middle French troller to ramble, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle High German trollen to run with short steps

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5 a : to angle for with a hook and line drawn through the water from a moving boat


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By extention, to angle on a bulletin board or in a newsgroup, planting "bait" intended to provoke a response from the members, especially argument or foolish statements. See trolling for flames.

"Troll bait" or "flame bait" typically takes the form of statements hostile to the interest or hobby the newsgroup or bulletin board is dedicated to, intended to provoke angry replies, or false "news items" related to that interest designed to elicit enthusiastic responses to the false information. Sometimes the person making the original post (also called the "troll") then reveals the hoax and makes fun of those who fell for the trick. -- collected from an Internet FAQ circa 1990




If you need reliable information on B5-related developments, your first source of information should be www.jmsnews.com or direct reading of B5 moderated newsgroups. If something would be happening, JMS would be the first to know, and presumably first to say.


If we place emphasis on "film" as contrary to "series", possibly just a recycled rumour. "To Live and Die in Starlight" was a new film, which most unfortunately, did not become a new series. Rumors have a habit of running in circles.

However... given that Simon ought to know that (and expect us to expect him to know that) one could also guess a joke. I mean, what could one troll for with such a question?

There is a saying you once told me, when debating DVD region code issues. It went like this: always suspect foolishness before hamful intent. I would think that here, misunderstanding truly comes with no provocative intent.

I fail to see how that qustion could provoke uncivil debate, which leaves the possibilities of joke and misunderstanding. Given that I cannot see humor either, I would suspect the following...

Perhaps the question arises from the JMS newsgroup post about the upcoming DVD announcement? If enough people inexactly retold that, it could have become distorted enough to be misunderstood in this way...
Consider this thread closed...only to be reopened if substantial information is found (Ie, from the mouth of the Great Maker).
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