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Richard Hatch


Beyond the rim
I heard that this former BSG actor auditioned for a role on B5. is it true and if so what role? Joe here is where your knowledge is needed.

I never heard that, but interesting if true. Oh, and I just realized I have seen you on this and the SciFi BSG board but it just never clicked until now.
Oh well.
I would guess Sinclair (seems like a good fit), but you never know.
Have never heard about this, but anything is possible. Lots of people were considered for various roles at different times, and almost any actor in the right range for a role would have been submitted by his agent. If I had to guess, I'd say Hatch was more likely considered for the Sheridan role between S1 and S2 than for Sinclair. Whatever the exact circumstances of Michael O'Hare's departure, it seems clear to me that once the opportunity of recasting the station commander's role came along, Warner Bros. was probably pushing for more of a "name" actor. JMS has already mentioned that both Robert Foxworth (who had both genre credits and feature film experience, and who reportedly had a pretty decent "Q" rating) and James Earl Jones were seriously considered for the part. Hatch could certainly been among those considered. However, this doesn't mean that he literally auditioned for a role. Actors and agents are sounded out on ideas before an actor actually comes in and reads for a part, and the whole thing often falls apart at the talking stage. (The actor isn't interested in the material, or is asking too much money, or has just committed to another project.) Such conversations often get reported as "so and so auditioned" for a part when all that really happened was a few phone calls, and maybe a lunch.


James Earl Jones!? Wow would have loved to see that. "The one constant through all the years Kosh has been baseball..." or "You have failed me for the last time Commander..."

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