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Question about the number of registered users...


At the bottom of the forums page it says there are 1959 registered users, yet when I click on the name of the newest registered user, gerhard, it says that he/she is member number 2165. What's with the difference of 206?
My guess is that the 206 are no longer active, and were dropped. Member number 2165 means that 2164 had registered before.
I'd thought about that, but it seems to me that there would be a lot more registered users that are no longer, or ever were, active. You're probably right though.
Jade is right. There's been some database cleansing... plus just general removals, test accounts etc. I will be purging more in the future.
Re: Question about the number of registered users.

Since the board is database-driven, I assume the member ID is the primary key of some table describing members -- unique and automatically incremented upon each addition.

Generally in databases, when records are removed, key fields cannot be changed to reflect this -- because they establish relations between tables, their reshuffling would be an inefficient and needlessly risky operation.
Re: Question about the number of registered users.

Yep, Sleepy knows it. :)

Plus, even when deleted, there are still remnants. For example posts from a deleted member will still have their record ID attached to it.