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Patrick Stewart on A&E Biography


A great actor who's definitely lead an interesting life. It was odd to find out that he accepted the role of Picard basically for the money (and that Gene Roddenberry had initially wanted him to wear a toupee!). I wish they'd have mentioned his part in "Conspiracy Theory" because he was the bad guy in that, and he never seemed to play any bad guys. No mention of "Excalibur" either. And I could have done without the disturbing soft-shoe number on the deck of the Enterprise. Shudder. All in all, it was an interesting hour.

One thing I noticed about the show, though, was the frequency of reversed photos. I'd say nearly half of the stills from ST had images where the combadges and rank pips were on the wrong side of the uniforms. I guess that makes me a dork for noticing.
Damn! I wanted to watch that. I hope they repeat it soon. Geeze, this summer at least. I wanted to watch that I just plain missed it.

I hate pre-final madness. :mad: