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New respect for Season 1.


The first time I saw parts of Season 1 was when it was originally running on TV. I didnt spend much time watching it, and was turned off from the show. (Luckily I saw it when Sci-Fi started running it again, and got hooked enough watching parts of Season 4 that I tuned in when they started over).

The Second time I saw it was, as I mentioned above, I got hooked in Season 4 and then tuned back out again, not wanting to spoil how things end, and just start watching it from scratch. I thought Season 1 was interesting and a necessary start to the series, but thought it dragged on.

The Third time was partially when they looped back to it again, and partly with my parents, who I got hooked on it, and had them watching my VCR tapes of the show. That time around I started liking it more.

And now tonight I watched 'Midnight on the Firing Line.' After seeing that episode again, I really have new respect for the season that is still probably my least favorite, but always felt was rough around the edges. That ep does a great job at setting so many things up. Its amazing how much went into a single episode. The whole GKar/Mollari death story. The tension between their races. The forshadowing of their eventual war. Kosh shines with his brief part in the show. And I forgot what a joy Season 1 Garibaldi is. I think I have finally warmed up to Season 1 for good. Now I just need to be able to buy it in a boxed set on DVD. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif
Seas 1 is pretty good for an opening of a series and speaking of Mr Garabaldi, he had some hair and as the series went on it got lesss and less:D
It is reminding me of how Garibaldi and Talia Winters were supposed to hook up. The series needed a good romance during the first season or two, but it never quite got there. Unless you count Talia and Susan, already signs of who Talia prefers in today's episode.
Loved Season One. Babylon Squared has to be my favorite, though Chrysalis comes a very close second. Sinclair seemed stiff for a while, but he was beginning to loosen up. Didn't give him enough time before bringing Sheridan in if you ask me. Though I liked what I did see of him. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

I love season one it's one of the best season's of the entire series to me the one thing I would like to have seen more of is the Sinclair/Valen story.
A lot of people I got hooked on B5 don’t like season 1. While season 1 isn’t my favorite season, it does hold a special place in my heart because that’s the season that got me hooked. I watched during its original run and I always loved the way it rewarded you for watching every week by giving you another piece of the puzzle. One of my favorite speeches comes from Infection when Sinclair explains why we should keep exploring the stars. I also preferred Sinclair’s voice over Sheridan’s during the opening credits. His voice was deeper and somehow seemed more ominous.
I first tuned into B5 during season 5. I fell in love with it immediately. Then I discovered that the local Camelot store carried B5 videos from seasons 1 and 5. I started buying up as many of those as I could find at Camelot and on the web, and also bought the season 2 eps that were released, and taped the rest off TNT and SCIFI to get the complete series on tape.

But even though seasons 1 and 5 are so different, I enjoyed them both. The characters looked a little strange in season 1 eps after watching season 5 eps first, but that was okay. I still loved the show.
I started watching B5 on and off during the first season, though I only got hooked during the second. Having watched the whole series through and being able to watch S1 episodes daily (thanks to SciFi UK) it made it a lot easier to appreciate S1. At the end of the S1 run, I was really sorry to see Michael O'Hare go - his style is something that has to grow on you.
I liked season one because it brings a lot of mysteries into play, which are revealed and explained throughout the remainder of the series. Of course, I liked having Sinclair at the helm rather than Sheridan. The first season really sets a lot of things into motion, and like Sinclair said at the end of Chrysalis, "Nothing's the same anymore."

We really start to see the relationships between many of the characters in this season as well. As close as they were, I really would have liked to have seen how things between Sinclair and Garibaldi would have panned out. Would they have stayed so close or drifted apart?

My only complaint about season one is that most of the episodes are 'stand alone' episodes, and don't really affect each other the way the other seasons do. Granted, there are moments in many of the episodes that come into play in further episodes of the season, but not nearly as much so as the rest of the series.

Anyway, season one is probably one of my two favorite seasons.
I may be putting myself in the line of fire here but this is going to be a comparisson between B5 and Lord of the rings.
For those of you who went and made the effort to read the books. The first book was boring, o.k maybe boring is the wrong word to use. It started off really slow and you had to slog through in order to pick up the relevant detail that becomes apparent later on in the story.
Season 1 to my mind, seemed to plod a bit, but without it we wouldn't have gotten to where we ar now. Furthermore we got to meet Zathras in season 1!
I agree that maybe there should have been more of Sinclair, although I prefered Sheridan I think the two of them together would have been a force to contend with. !
One thing I noticed with "The Gathering"(I know it's irrelevant but I just thought of it) If Dr. Kyle was meant to be the permanent doctor then I noticed something in the pilot. He mentions how he started taking stims to stay awake while working on Kosh. B5's main doctor. Stims. Coincidence? You tell me.
I bet not. He probably had the same type of arc worked out for that Doctor. Makes sense. Also keep in mind, stim abuse was not unheard of among doctors in JMS's B5 Universe. Remember the doctor with the Alien Healing Device. She had the same problem at some point. He probably had the same basic arc worked out, and just used it with Franklin, also the fact that Doctors sometimes take stims to keep awake and alert to handle those long hours. Maybe a little of both.
My wife and I watched the pilot and thought "Not bad." When Season 1 came on, it moved around a lot in our market, was on late, and was sometimes pushed back by (gasp) infomercials! All that conspired to leave us thinking that the show was worth watching if it worked out, but we weren't making a special effort. We actually missed "Signs and Portents" along with a couple others in Season 1. Still, as we watched, little things started to stand out. We made more of an effort to record and watch it, but we didn't save the tapes. It was actually "The Coming of Shadows" that made us want to start keeping tape. We eventually got all of Season 2, but were only somewhat upset at not having Season 1. Then when Season 1 was finally rerun, we watched and with our expanded knowledge of B5 and the story found we REALLY liked it. It is harder to see the story unfolding until you see some of where it's going. That's craft, IMO.
I agree with you ..

, I too thought season 1 was somewhat inferior to the later seasons ( especially Season 4 , my fav! ) first time I watched it. Having watched some of the Season 1-episodes again , however - I find them better the second time around. As often is the case with B5 , I am now truly hooked! *l*

*goes to find some of his B5 Season 1-recorded VHS-tapes* /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

Re: I agree with you ..

the more i watch it the more i think season 1 was the best season. Don't ask me why, i don't think i can explain it. Anyway i have a question... i have all the eps except tko and i've always remember an ep where sinclair disarms a guy who took a girl hostage ... is that in tko or am i losing my mind?
Re: I agree with you ..

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by jnk5y:
<font color=yellow>the more i watch it the more i think season 1 was the best season. Don't ask me why, i don't think i can explain it. Anyway i have a question... i have all the eps except tko and i've always remember an ep where sinclair disarms a guy who took a girl hostage ... is that in tko or am i losing my mind?</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

Sounds like the beginning of The Gathering to me, the guy who was dealing in dust.
At frist Season 1 seems really lame, but it definately grows on you. Now I love it; it has it's own wierd feel to it.