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Never even heard of Andrew Jackson!

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Geez! I had never even heard of Andrew Jackson before all of this! I was wondering who started this whole thing and where the source of that info. came from!? That is all for me! Just curious...-Ghost R.-

I guess I'm one that suggested he would be perfect for this role of the Captain. I have been one of his fans from the days when
he did 4 years of Shakespeare at the Stratford Festival and was a soap star for ABC's "All My Children" as Dr. Steven Hamill. This is before he started doing SciFi. Check out the following websites for
additional details which should answer your question.

I had never heard of him either. The only Andrew Jackson I had ever heard of was the 7th president of the United States, and he is long since dead. I guess I'll keep an eye out for him from now on.

You name it, sooner or later, everyone comes to Babylon 5.
-Commander Jeffrey David Sinclair, The Gathering
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ghost Rider:
Geez! I had never even heard of Andrew Jackson before all of this!


Although thanks for the links amicenig1, he does look familiar....

"Faith Manages"