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Micheal O'Hare and Mira Furlan

Micheal O\'Hare and Mira Furlan

I wasn't sure where to put this so I put it here.I was thinking today at work about whether Micheal O'Hare has any regards about leaving the show .I mean I haven't seen him in anything since then .The same can be said of Mira all though she didn't leave of course.With the exception of an ep of Sheena that's about it that I have seen of her as well.Why is such fine actors like these two can never get any work in Hollywood ?
Re: Micheal O\'Hare and Mira Furlan

When Michael O'Hare came to Babylon 5, he came from a theatrical background. So did, to a point, Mira. It stands to reason that they'd head back there after their departure - and we won't always hear about that.

Other than that, I don't know anything.
Re: Micheal O\'Hare and Mira Furlan

Michael O' Hare lives in New York City, which wouldn't give him a link to many other shows because most are filmed in California and Canada. He's got a few guest appearances on the famous TV show Law & Order which I assume is filmed in New York. And like Channe said, the theatre, Broadway, is his calling.

As for Mira, Yugoslavia is her realm.