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JMS quote re: Ivanova in Rangers episodes


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This is part of an article that just appeared on the front page of Cinescape.com :

In terms of returning characters, the only familiar face that fans will recognize is that of the latex-encased Andreas Katsulas who plays Citizen G’Kar.

“The whole [B5] cast has always known that who appears in what is all dependent on what the story is and G’Kar’s character served this story best,” says Straczynski. “Londo at this time is emperor on Centauri Prime and he is kind of confined in that respect. I couldn’t logically put him in the story without really bending the story to do that. President Sheridan would not get involved in something at this level, while Ivanova is off being an officer at Earth Central. We can eventually go meet them, but to work them into this particular story seemed very difficult.”


Does this mean there's detante now between JMS and Claudia? More than seeing a new series I would love to see her in action again.

He's not talking about Andreas or Claudia - he's talking about G'Kar and Ivanova. The characters, not the people who play them.

There's not always a connection between the two.
But sometimes, there is - we'll see, shall we not?

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IF LotR goes to a series and IF there was a part suitable for one of the previous cast I think JMS would offer them a guest star role in one or two episodes. However, those are two mighty big IFs and I don't see it happening any time soon.

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We do not know how long Ivanova was captain of the Warlock class space ship.

I do know that Claudia Christian was basically begging for a part in the last paragraph of the "Area 51" article in the January 2002 issue of Dreamwatch.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mondo Londo:
Well, back to Ivanova, and not CC...

How long did she have command of the Warlock class Destroyer? Did she go right back to Earth after that?


I just thought about this and I remember the ISN reporter saying something about it being a "One year shake down cruise".

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Yeah, War Demon is right. The ISN reporter did say that Ivanova's assignment to the Warlock ship was to be a one year shakedown criuse. But she may very well have stayed on longer than that, or got another ship after that year.

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There was story published in Babylon 5 Magazine that JMS wrote dealing with a 'problem' with the Warlock class ships. I don't have it handy right here, but the story dealt with a unique aspect of the new ships and how Sheridan was called in by Ivanova to deal with the problem.
Without giving out any spoilers, that's all I can say. If you want more details, email me...hehehehee.

There was also the story written by JMS again, published in Cinescape?? No...another magazine that covered what most females with a hankering for Marcus wanted to see. Marcus and Ivanova finally get to meet....in a unique and IMHO cop out that was written just to shut up panting young females.
Sorry...personal writing rant.

Anyway...see next post for some other stuff.

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It looked to me like that quote was more geared to the actualy LoTR movie than if it went series. If it goes series, I think there are more ways that other B5 cast members could be involved as guest stars.

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Well, back to Ivanova, and not CC...

How long did she have command of the Warlock class Destroyer? Did she go right back to Earth after that?

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One thing we have to be aware of is that JMS will NOT turn Rangers into a "B5 Guest of the week" story.

While people from B5 will show up from time to time, this IS The Legend of The Rangers.

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