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JMS novel - sale priced

Wasn't quite sure which section this should go in. I just received an e-mail from Darktales Publishers announcing a special sale on a number of their titles, including JMS's most recent book, a thiller with supernatural overtones called Tribulations. I bought a copy ages ago, but it is still in my "to be read" pile along with most other non-school books, so I can't comment on the novel's quality.

I can tell you that the trade paperback, which normally sells for $24.99 is now selling for $15.00. So if you're interested in this book (or think you might want to read some of Darktale's other dark fiction) check out their catalog at Darktales



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Read Tribulations on-line and thought it was a great read.

JMS has not disappointed me yet in movies, TV, novels, comics, and etc.

JMS fans should read Tribulations. Its a great read. I'd like to read it again in fact...

Btw, is the book available at book stores yet?

I'd like to get my hands on a copy..but I'm not big on on-line ordering (plus I don't have a credit card..those things are evil, imo).

Also: I liked the Othersyde by JMS. Though not as great as Tribulations, Othersyde is a good read, imo.


I *loved* Tribulations. Screws with your head, that book. Excellent read.

Just a moment!...my muse is speaking to me...
Hey, anyone who's read the book, what's the book about? No spoilers, just a general idea would be great. Thanks.

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heh Tribulations I have got it also and it is in my to read list still.

I havn't heard from one person who has read it yet well except Jenavira and Citizen DF.

I don't think it went well sale's wise.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KEmperor:
Hey, anyone who's read the book, what's the book about? No spoilers, just a general idea would be great. Thanks.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Well, from memory, it's about a female reporter in LA who's doing a story on a string of murders, and a mysterious guy she runs into who's looking into the same case with a more occult perspective.

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