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Jeremiah postponed


Staff member
I can't see anything about this in the forum... sorry if I'm doubling-up. Lyta can tell me off. :D

But season two has been postponed to Oct 10 on Showtime.
F--- off Ant! :devil: :D :LOL:

No, I am glad you posted something as I tend to forget to post updates here as well. It has been posted on Showtime's (and my) web site for a few weeks now about the "delay".
Funny, I saw a showtime trailer for Jeremiah that said SEPTEMBER. Odd that the story says October...
When did you see the trailer and what show were you watching? Did it look like either of the two posted on my web site?


The October date is posted on Showtime's Official Site so I guess it is pretty solid. Plus, there is absolutely no Jeremiah scheduled for September so I sure hope it will be in October. :rolleyes: