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Jeremiah has a 5 year arc


Yup, JMS finally came out and said how long of an arc has been planned for Jeremiah. Now, let's hope it gets there so we can all have two great 5-year JMS shows.
I wonder if his year was based on 20+ or 15 episodes/year. Either way I hope he gets to tell the whole story.

I wonder if his year was based on 20+ or 15 episodes/year.

Not sure I understand that. Why would it be different? Did it originally only get 15 for S1 or something?

I assume it would be done 1 year per season like B5, so if Jeremiah gets picked up for seasons of 20 eps it will be 20.

If TPTB then decide it should be 25, JMS would presumably write some extra filler shows, or if they decide it should be 15 he will just drop some and shift important "arc" point to other eps.

When season is picked up I am sure JMS will have a rough idea of what important things have to happen through the season, and will write the scripts (or have others write the scripts) to suit the number of shows available. So even if each season were to have a different number of episodes, each season will still be 1 year.

I don't think the number of episodes per season has much weight in this matter since JMS has said that Jeremiah was not going to have as detailed or rigid of an arc like B5's.

I also am not sure of the timeline in each season (a year, 3 months, 18 months, etc) and I don't think that really matter either. Just the story.
Its going to be a long road to 5 years isnt it.

Hopefully things turn around for the show this season, and they get a few more episodes and a Season 3.
I think we might geht to see the whole thing. JMS is a survivor. He brought us 5 seasons of Babylon 5 against all odds.
Since Showtime is not going to fold any time soon and the same company owns the show and the network I don't think five years is unreasonable. If the show remains solid the ratings should grow.
5-year arcs work because they line up completely with the dramatic structure:

Rising Action
Falling Action
Resolution and New Questions

...or something like that. Good screenwriters are hardwired to think in this way.

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