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I just watched this movie on HBO. It is amazing. The fight for woman's sufferage isn't a topic I know much about despite knowing the vast importance of it. The performances by the actors in this film are astounding as they portray some of the most amazing women I have ever seen. This is a movie that if given the opportunity to watch it, you must absolutely not miss it. The fight for civil rights has always been a tough battle, and this film is stellar in it's ability to tell the story of that fight. I seriously hope HBO releases this movie on DVD because I am certainly buying it if it is. Until then, I will have a VHS copy I am going to tape when it is rebroadcast on the west coast feed of the network.
Do what in school? Learn about women's sufferage? Yes, but that doesn't mean I retained all that much of it. Much if not most of what I learned in school has left my memory leaving only weak echos of what was. So, in that sense, there is a lot about US history that I would have to look up to remember most of the details.

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