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i was wonderin if anyone would know when the vorlons go crazy and star killin off entire planets why do the not go after earth frist. i mean that would make a killer battle ea vs vorlons. and i know u's would be great judges on this
if pep. could look at this and tell me u think of it.{i have no ties wit it i am just wonderin what u think}
1. Earth had both Vorlon and Shadow contact, and I think that initially, the Vorlons were going after worlds that had only Shadow contact. Eventually, they'd probably have gotten around to Earth.

2. That would have spelled the end for Earth, and our story. Big battle? No way. The Vorlons would have wiped the floor with EA.
When the war between the Shadows and Vorlons finally went hot, Vorlons targeted planets with large Shadow involvement.

While Earth was certainly on their list, other planets (such as Centauri Prime) surely held large Shadow bases. I would guess they would attack such planets first.

It also seemed that at least partly, the Vorlon fleet was acting systematically, jumping from star to star, planet to planet. They simply didn't have the time to reach Earth.

Regarding Earth Force even attempting to defend in such a battle... it would have been futile. If they were unable to defend in the Earth-Minbari war, it would clearly be hopeless to defend against Vorlons.

That is, hopeless unless the Shadows would choose to move directly against the Vorlons, experience unprecedented success, and defeat them. Given that their contradiction had lasted for ages, quick success for any side seems impossible.
but couldnt the omega x's do a good deal of damage and nuclear bombs wouldnt hurt and could anyone tell me where to get b5 episodes from
A fleet of Omega destroyers with Shadow armor enhancement... might win against a few Vorlon personal transports (the Vorlon equivalent of a passenger car, probably capable of outrunning the fastest Earth ship).

However, the Vorlons would not send their equivalent of a motorcycle gang. They would send their military, and Earth Force would be totally helpless against numerous Vorlon cruisers (or even one unsupported Vorlon planetkiller).

One might suspect that about fifty Vorlon cruisers would be enough to destroy Earth. Slowly but surely, they would take care of the entire Earth fleet, and destroy the planet surface either with bombs, mass drivers, biological weapons or even extended fire from their energy weapons (nobody to stop them).

Now the Vorlon planetkiller is a totally different class. It probably exceeds the total tonnage of the entire Earth spacefleet. As far as I remember, a planetkiller was defended by hundreds of Vorlon cruisers, each accompanied by tens of fighters and personal transports. Only a small portion of that fleet would be sufficient to destroy a planet inhabited by the younger races.

Given the inefficiency of nuclear weapons in empty space, one hit from a fusion bomb would probably just shake it. Two hits would make the Vorlons annoyed. Three hits would make them angry. I would expect that to seriously hurt (temporarily incapacitate) the Vorlon planetkiller, one would need to detonate at least ten fusion bombs in close proximity.

Given its heavy defenses, that would be impossible. Why? Because otherwise, the Shadows would immediately do it. If such a planetkiller is meant to act against Shadows, and remain operational for more than one second, surely it must be very well protected.

Ideally, I think the Vorlons might wish it to withstand an attack from a Shadow planetkiller. However, given the nature of the Shadow planetkiller (especially the difficulty in attacking something very thin and large with no centre), I dare to suspect a Shadow planetkiller would be enough to intercept and destroy a Vorlon planetkiller.