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Here is what they need to do for a season 3


They should go ahead and tape season 3 of Jeremiah and put it right to DVD I think they would make the money for it. They should also do season 4,5,6. :)

I know I'm dreaming but that would be great if they would do it. :D
I live in vancouver, BC, where they are filming Jeremiah and my brother was passing by MGM Studios and it said Jeremiah which makes me speculate if they are filming the 3rd season right now....

This is from jeremiahportal.com as well:

· Season Three (USA: Showtime 2004) 8 episode arc, date to be
Thanks for the info. Maybe season 3 8 eps will end the show.
I just did not want to see it left hanging at the end of season 2 and I will not enjoy the web version as much as real actors.

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