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Good episode guides


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Does anyone have any episode guides out there on the web that they like in terms of detail of information? Or that in some way provide interesting information.

It can be any TV show, and I'm not talking about summary sites like www.epguides.com -- I'm talking about episode guides that are suited towards one show, and are just great for one reason or another.

I'd say look for fansites for the particular show. You would be surprised what a fan with no life can do.
I have started looking, but am open to particular suggestions.

I wish I could find a site I liked before... it catalogued the interaction between all Buffy characters.
I assume that there is an implicit "besides the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5" attached to your question. ;) :cool:

I was just thinking that. ;) Another one I like for B5 because it has lots of behind the scenes info instead of just episode guides you can get elsewhere is Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth's site.
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