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Gary Cole in 1hr Photo


Just watched the movie yesterday and there he was, playing opposite Robin Williams in the thriller. Didn't even know he was going to be in the movie when I rented it. It was a nice surprise.
Small role but nicely delivered. He's even better in I Spy
Yeah,just recently watched I Spy which came out in....January something something, I don't like him tanned but he was good,just don't like Eddied Murphy's character punching him
Oh no, he was best in American Gothic

Having now seen the episode of Hack that Gary Cole appeared in, I have to ask, why on earth does this man not have another TV series?
He really is one of the best actors on the screen at the moment.

For those who haven't seen 1hr Photo yet, here's a picture of Gary in it
I watched "In the Line of Fire" that Clint Eastwood movie where he is in the Secret Service trying to stop John Malkovich from killing the president. There is a young Gary Cole in that movie as well as another secret service agent.
But he did rather ask for it
But i can't stand seeing his pretty face being punched

But he was good in Cadet Kelly, as (Mr no name) sir
and I'll be damned, I didn't know I was listening to his voice all this while in Kim Possible until recently

Man!!He's good,him and the others,I want Crusade back really bad!!!
And don't forget his role in The Gift, where the hairdresser from hell hacked his hair to pieces!
That's the one. Also has Keanu Reeves making a surprisingly good job of playing a bad guy, wife beater.
Yeah, that was a pretty good movie. I've always really liked Kate Blanchett, especially in the historical movie "Elizabeth". I loved that movie!