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Firefly (spoilers?)


Friday night and Saturday morning a friend of mine converted me to Firefly. He showd me (and another friend) the first few episodes, and then the next few, and so on... I didn't sleep at all.

What a phenomenal show. Such great stories and dialogue, not to mention excellent production value. I want more; curse the fools of Fox who cancelled the thing. What's happening to River? Will Mal and Anara ever hook up (again)? Who the HECK is the Shepherd, really? Answers! Give me answers!

Also, what awesome ideas for villians. The whole Reaver concept is fascinating; I'd love to see more with that. And the Hands of Blue are just incredibly creepy.

Anyone out there who's been following this show longer?
The Mrs. Reynolds episodes are some of my favorites. IMO The best Mrs. Reynolds episode is the one Fox didn't air. All the episodes were extremely well done.
No mention of Alan Tudyk! They can't have Firefly without Wash! :(

And what happened to Kaylee and Book? :confused:
No mention of Alan Tudyk! They can't have Firefly without Wash! :(

And what happened to Kaylee and Book? :confused:

From Fireflymovie.com March 13: "No official word on Alan and Ron, although it's looking more likely that Alan is on board, but slightly less likely that Ron will."

From March 4th:"Many of you have noted that Ron and Alan's names have been conspicuously missing from official press releases. Sources say that both are very likely to be involved, but aren't being mentioned until their current contract options expire."

From March 2nd:"The studio has closed a deal with Nathan Fillion to return as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds. Other original cast members Gina Torres, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite , Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher and Summer Glau are also in place."
in my post about Casting details, it is confirmed that Wash (Alan Tudyk) and Kaylee (Jewel Staite) are reprising their roles. However still no official word on Ron Glass (Book).
They can't do anything without Book. I reiterate my demand for answers... how are we going to find anything about Book if the actor isn't part of the film? [/whining}

Excellent news about the rest.