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Farscape (spoilers to the very final ep)


Staff member
I just saw the final Farscape again... so tragic that the show was cancelled. I still can't accept it, it's very wrong. But it went at its height, not when it had declined at least.

In fact I realized my three favourite shows went at varying times. Farscape, too early. Deep Space Nine, at the right time, Buffy, too late.

But it's annoying... DrCamel who hasn't seen the ending was at a bar with me where there was an appearance by Gigi Edgley. I was hoping they wouldn't spoil the ending for him, as he hadn't seen it.

But sure enough, some asshole had to mention Aeryn and John dying. Then Gigi starts talking about makeup and stuff... so not sure what the question was, but it hardly seems relevant. "In the last episode, where they die, what was the weather like?" DrCamel was none to pleased.

But he was an asshole. The final episode hasn't even been shown on the Sci-FI Channel yet, but he had to go and blabber.