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Farscape Redux


This just in from CNN Headline News: "FARSCAPE REDUX Former Sci-Fi channel favorite "Farscape" to return to TV as a stand alone miniseries." Do we celebrate or hold our breath? I do hope its true.
Just found this.

I'm really digging the 3-part miniseries idea, assuming each installment to be 2 hrs. And a theatrical release just might get my ass to the multiplex.
It's so nice to see a fan campaign succeed. I became so disillusioned with TV when SFC got rid of Farscape. I never saw the cancellation coming, so it was really a shock. The Scapers did an amazing thing, since the networks barely pay attention to fan campaigns these days. I salute them! :)

Now if we can get more B5, & Bonnie Hammer ends up having to find a new job, I will be *really* happy! :D