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Does Amazon have the latest remaster?


I've been out of touch for a bit but read that there was *another* remaster within the past year or two.

Am I misinformed and it's just the 'old' remaster re-released? Or is there a better remaster?

Does Amazon have whatever's the latest? If not, where does?

Edit: Or, can anybody name a single scene / identifier to check to know which version's which?
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There's only been one remaster, in 2021, and that version is the one available now on Amazon Prime and elsewhere (if in doubt, the thumbnail for each season should have a banner across the top saying 'Remastered'. Another easy way to tell if it's been remastered is the remastered versions are 4:3, not widescreen, so we get the full fx shots that were zoomed in on and cropped in the old DVD versions.


There were some errors, however, like Babylon Squared had its ending missing, things like that, I don't know whether they have been fixed or not. Also, The Gathering and the TNT TV movies have not been remastered, so don't worry if they look a bit crummy in comparison.
Am a little rusty, but three years ago - in mid 2020 - Amazon Prime Video had the SD cropped 16:9 version of seasons 1-5. Around November-ish 2020 the SD version became 4:3, which technically might count as a replacement/upgrade of sorts. In late January 2021 Amazon offered the 4:3 HD version in addition to the 4:3 SD version. SD is still there for purchase if one clicks More Purchase Options, but doubt it gets much attention since 2021. :)

Other Stuff: The Gathering (1993 version) is the same for both versions - SD only - and is listed as an Extra/Bonus. The movies are available in SD as Babylon 5 The Movies, although The Lost Tales is available by itself in HD.
Thought it might have been something to do with a partnership with Xbox (?), but so far as physical media goes - DVD only. Might have been a dual layer DVD vs single layer for the other films, but the "SD" version of TLT on Amazon is $1.99 and "HD" is $22.99. Can't say how "HD" it is, but picture quality is better than the $1.99 version. Oddly enough, the HD and SD versions of Seasons 1-5 are the same price.

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