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Correct placement of "Thirdspace" in B5 Storyline?


Correct placement of \"Thirdspace\" in B5 Storyline?

I was wondering when Thirdspace falls into the mix. One "timeline" site said that Thirdspace takes place DURING the episode "Atonement." I'll admit that while its possible...its a pretty tough sell.

Zach does get his new uniform at the begining of the Episode.
At the end of the episode, Franklin and Marcus leave for Mars. So if it has to happen in this timeframe...it does have to be DURING the episode. Franklin doesn't come back until just before "Conflicts of Interest"

But Delenn was present during all of Thirdspace, but in Atonement she went to Minbar to deal with that personal crisis where she might have to leave Sheridan. I just don't see how that fits in with the scope of Thirdspace.

So here is my theory, what does anyone else think, or has this been confirmed anywhere?

I think it takes place right before "Conflicts of Interest"

* Zach is still in the new uniform of course, and has settled in as the cheif.
* The "Voice of the Resistance" is not yet on, which while it could have been omitted during the movie, it just didnt feel like the story was to this point yet.
* B5 was still feeling the pinch of Earths trade restrictions. Remember it is in the episode "Racing Mars" where Susan tries to get some theives to help them with the trade restrictions, so they really start feeling the pinch AFTER Atonement.

The only hole I see it this, is after Lines of Communication, Delenn takes off for Minbar for the whole Minbari civil war thing. But I imagine it could have taken place in the 2-3 days before Delenn actually left.

Re: Correct placement of \"Thirdspace\" in B5 Storyline?

Here's what Lurker's guide Analysis says:

This story took place after the Shadow War, but before the declaration of war against Earth. That puts it between "Into the Fire" and "Moments of Transition."
Other clues allow it to be placed more precisely. It took place after "The Illusion of Truth" because that was the last time Zack wore his Earth Alliance uniform. Just after Zack was fitted with his new uniform in "Atonement," Delenn greeted Callenn and told him she'd be ready to leave for Minbar in one day, less than the amount of time elapsed in this story (Sheridan remarked to Trent that she'd had five days to examine the artifact.) It couldn't have taken place after "Atonement" since Dr. Franklin left in that episode before Delenn returned; the two of them weren't on the station at the same time again until after the declaration of war.

That puts "Thirdspace" between the first and second scenes of "Atonement" (a slight inconsistency since Callenn's ship can be seen to arrive in the opening shot, before Zack's fitting) unless Zack's visit to the Minbari tailors wasn't the first time he wore the uniform. If his visit was just an adjustment, possibly a result of being in fistfights in "Thirdspace," the story takes place between "The Illusion of Truth" and "Atonement."

Re: Correct placement of \"Thirdspace\" in B5 Storyline?

...unless Zack's visit to the Minbari tailors wasn't the first time he wore the uniform.

Well, we have seen in the series how Zack wants his uniform to fit *just right* and his willingness to take it to several tailors to try to get it that way. :D
Re: Correct placement of \"Thirdspace\" in B5 Storyline?

My personal theory that fits with all the inconsitences of uniform and personnel, is that it takes place during 'The Illusion of Truth'.

There is a gap of a number of days during the episode between the reporters leaving and the broadcast of the report. Zack could easily have got his new uniform then; ruined it in 'Thirdspace'; and then had a new one fitted in 'Atonement'.

It's the only place I can see to put it. :confused:

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